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Aromatic Cedar Mulch. Nature's Cover® respects the environment and uses only red cedar as a source of our Aromatic Cedar Mulch. The cedar is procured as cord-wood and ground to meet our specifications. We guarantee the content in each bag we fill to be 100% cedar and are committed to producing mulch of the finest quality. Guaranteed 100% cedar Aromatic Cedar Mulch. Aromatic Red Cedar is superior to other mulch because of its fragrant smell and ability to drive away most insects. It also is known to hold moisture and heat in the ground protecting plants, looks great and gives off a wonderful aromatic fragrance

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Aromatic Cedar Mulch is colorful, durable, and naturally repellent to insects. It provides an excellent weed barrier and retains moisture in your landscape. It has a long lasting natural color and is a favorite because of it's pleasing cedar chest aroma Gardenscape Aromatic Cedar Mulch: Decorative and aromatic ground cover. Ideal for top dressing of flower and tree beds. Ready to use, 100 percent cedar. Holds moisture. Aerates soil for better growing. Promotes root growth. Long lasting. Excellent for weed control

WE PROVIDE A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS. Including: Hardwood Mulch, Cypress Mulch, Radiant Color Enhanced Mulches, Pine Bark Mulches, Cocoa Shell Mulch, Aromatic Cedar Mulch, Western Red Cedar Mulch, Utility Mulch, Top Soil, Potting Soil, Soil Conditioners, Playground Surfacing, Livestock Bedding and Compost Aromatic Cedar contains cedar oils which have been known to help prevent insects. Our best selling is the Texas Native Hardwood Mulch, which is a less expensive mulch, but contains all the great attributes of mulch 5. 2-cu ft Light Red Cedar Bark Mulch. Model #381328. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 6. Seaside Mulch. Cedar Mulch 2-cu ft Light Brown Cedar Mulch. Model #4364 Aromatic Red Cedar Mulch. With a wonderful color and scent, this product has natural insect deterrent properties. Cedar mulch creates an airy, light layer over soil. Its fine texture works with smaller plants such as annuals and perennials. Cedar mulch decomposes slowly taking years to break down. Available in 2 cubic foot bags or bulk. $5.93. Aromatic Cedar Mulch. Cedar mulch is made up of ground cedar wood leaving you with a golden blonde color as well as a natural insect repellent. Approx. coverage per yard120 SF @ 3″. Material Calculator. Material Calculator. ×. Step 1 of 3. 33%. Method *

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  1. Aromatic Cedar Mulch. Our Red Cedar Mulch is a by product of the lumber industry. It is resistant to insects and decay. It has a aromatic cedar smell. It works great as a weed barrier and insulates the soil. available in 2 cu.ft. bag
  2. Bulk Aromatic Cedar Mulch, Per Scoop Mfg.# BULK Sku# 9801440. Please select a store to view pricing and availability. * Estimated stock levels as of Tue, Jul 20, 2021. All items subject to prior sale. Prices may vary between stores and online. Please call ahead to confirm availablity of items marked as Limited Stock
  3. Cedar mulch is moderately expensive at an average price of $3.70 for 2 cubic feet. This amount of mulch covers about 100 square feet at the recommended depth of 2-3 inches. By comparison, the more common brown mulch costs about $2.30 for 2 cubic feet. When to Use Cedar Mulch. There are time to use cedar much, and other times to avoid it
  4. Our aromatic cedar mulch lasts longer than other mulches and provides natural resistance to insects. Available bulk or bagged. ORDER NOW. Red Color Enhanced Mulch Same as our premium double shredded hardwood mulch, but with a long-lasting and vibrant red hue that looks great with any landscaping project. Available bulk or bagged
  5. Aromatic Cedar Mulch. Aromatic Cedar Mulch is colorful, durable, and naturally repellent to insects. It provides an excellent weed barrier and retains moisture in your landscape. It has a long lasting natural color and is a favorite because of it's pleasing cedar chest aroma! Samples available upon request
  6. Cedar mulch comes from the bark or inner wood (heartwood) of various species of cedar trees. It contains powerful resins and phenols that deter insects, have an aromatic smell and resist decay. But these qualities can be either pros or cons depending on the situation
  7. And, in the laboratory, autoclaved cedar shavings have even been shown to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms. When rodents are exposed to cedar mulch/shavings/sawdust, the aromatic hydrocarbons are absorbed through the respiratory tract and enter the blood, damaging livers

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  1. Aromatic Cedar. Aromatic Cedar Chips are great for spreading anywhere in the yard. This light mulch has a pleasant aroma when first laid down. Aromatic Cedar Chips are a mixture of red and natural wood colored chips. You can pick up the aromatic cedar at our location in Willowbrook, or have it delivered
  2. Aromatic Cedar Mulch. Our Ozark Valley Aromatic Cedar Mulch is one of the most attractive and unique mulches available. It consists of yellow and red heart wood resulting in beautiful coloration and a pleasant aroma. Aromatic cedar mulch is a top-choice for gardeners and landscapers who prefer fragrant, low-maintenance mulch for their growth cover
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  5. Aromatic Cedar Mulch. Long Lasting, light and bright; Pleasing aroma $ 39.00 *Price is per cubic yard. Post navigation ← Classic Black Mulch. Amended Soil (Compost/Sand/Topsoil) →.
  6. Buying 100% cedar bark mulch by the bag is much smarter than buying construction debris, recycled wood mulch, in bulk. Cedar bark mulch is the best to beautify your home. Aromatic cedar is insect resistant, and long lasting. Cedar bark mulch prohibits the growth of mold, and artillery fungus on your home

WW Cedar Co LLC has been buying Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginia), since fall of 1996. Our business is working with Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginia), only. We do not process any other species of wood at this time. We are currently processing Aromatic Eastern Red cedar mulch and cedar lumber Q: Would aromatic cedar mulch attract termites if placed near foundation - or repel them? A: Unfortunately, there is not a clear answer as to whether mulch serves as a food source for termites. Laboratory studies show that termites will eat mulch, but field studies suggest that mulch beds are no Aromatic Cedar Mulch One of the best advantages of cedar mulch is its effect on insects. Cedar is a naturally aromatic material, so it helps to repel many types of insects as the insects don't like the fragrance. This mulch is utilized as a weed control in landscaping and garden beds. Cedar Mulch comes in a light tan color Aromatic Cedar Mulch is a beautiful, light-colored mulch that is decay and insect resistant. The oil in cedar, which produces its distinct aroma, is a natural insect repellant. The fine texture makes this mulch very good for pathways, natural areas, or any other application requiring a decorative ground cover. Available in bulk and 2 cu. ft. bags

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  1. The Atlantic 2 cu. ft. Cedar Mulch is a 100% natural and long-lasting decorative ground cover that helps retain soil moisture and control weeds. The shredded mulch is made from cedar trees for a natural ground cover and is available in 2 cu. ft. bags for convenience. Decorative ground cover adds an attractive touch to your landscape. Helps.
  2. The natural way to protect and beautify. Aromatic cedar mulch will help insulate and retain soil's moisture. Weed growth is impeded with the utilization of mulch. 2 cu. ft. Bag Will Cover: Depth of 2-inches: 12 sq. ft. Depth of 3-inches: 8 sq. ft. Depth of 4-inches: 6 sq. ft. The brand of mulch varies by location
  3. Cedar Mulch. Cedar mulch is colorful, aromatic and insect resistant. Call for availability. $39.00 per yard. Category: Mulch. Related products. Read more. Pine Straw Rolls - One roll covers approximately the same as 2 bales of pine straw. $14.50 a Roll Read more

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  1. How to Use Cedar Mulch on Veggie Plants. Organic material mulches, when properly used, can greatly contribute to the health and vigor of vegetables and other plants by suppressing weeds.
  2. Natural Cedar Mulch (4 Quart) $13.99. $13. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 7. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 12 left in stock - order soon
  3. Texas Native® Cedar Mulch. Our all-natural, reddish-brown, double ground cedar mulch is not only wonderfully aromatic- it's also a natural insect repellent! Great for all your bedding, garden, and tree landscaping needs. Available in: Bulk & Bags. Texas Native® Black Label Mulch
  4. Aromatic cedar mulch. This one discourages ants from nesting in the mulch. According to a study done by the Journal of Economic Entomology, while fewer ants were found in areas surrounded by Aromatic cedar mulch, some ants would comfortably cross the red cedar to find food

Although cedar chip mulch can be used for annual plants and vegetables, it shouldn't be cultivated into the soil at the end or beginning of each gardening season. When using cedar chips as mulch, apply small chips in a layer 1 to 2 inches thick and large chips in a layer 3 to 4 inches thick so the mulch suppresses most weeds and is a sufficient. Cedar Mulch (Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar) is the only natural mulch in the area that has a bug repellent quality due to the oils in the wood and smells great too. A great mulch to place against your home. Pine Nuggets. Small Pine Nuggets are recycled from the paper mills so the whole tree is put to great use with no waste

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  1. Canadian Natural Cedar Mulch - Our natural cedar mulch comes from Canada and is available in 2cf and 3cf bags. It is natural medium-deep brown mulch. Cedar is a natural insect repellent and is naturally aromatic. Dyed Mulches - Our mulches are shredded and dyed at our Wadesboro, NC and Emlenton, PA facilites using Becker Underwood Dyes.
  2. Aromatic Cedar Back to Mulches. Product Specifications. A shredded cedar mulch sourced from Western Red Cedar trees. Cedar mulch breaks down slower than other mulches and helps to repel some insects. Color is a blond to red hue. $48 / cubic yd. How Much Do I Need? Shape of area
  3. The wood is actually emitting aromatic hydrocarbons (phenols) and acids that act as natural pesticides. When mice and other rodents are exposed to cedar mulch, chips, or shavings, the toxic.
  4. Cedar Mulch. Cedar mulch is prized for its aromatic nature and its natural resistance to rotting and insect infestation. Cedarwood is not as abundant as other types, such as pine and oak, so cedar.
  5. Kambark Premium Aromatic Cedar Mulch. A knitting mulch that forms a weed resistant, stay-in-place mat. Decay and insect resistant. For use in flower and plant beds as well as on slopes. Available in palletized 2 cubic foot bags
  6. Cedar mulch is made up of ground cedar wood leaving you with a golden blonde color as well as a natural insect repellent. Approx. coverage per yard120 SF @ 3″ Aromatic Cedar Mulch $ 48.00 / Yard. Add to cart. Click image to view details. Product Description

Color-Enhanced Mulch. To add variety to your garden and landscaping projects, Quality Timber Products offers long-lasting color-enhanced mulch. This product is made from the same red cedar trees as our regular mulch providing all the same benefits including resistance to pests, bacteria, and fungus, plus moisture retention, and reduction of weed growth We sell mulch - double ground, premium shredded hardwood bark, certified playmat, aromatic cedar, red chocolate & black dyed. Other products - oak, cherry, kiln dried firewood, stone, gravel, & sand. Contact Us at (630) 231-791

Cedar Mulch. Custom Wood Fibers and Cedar Mulch LLC offers aromatic cedar mulch from its sister company, Eastern Red Cedar Mulch LLC, in both bulk and bags. There are many benefits to using aromatic cedar as landscape mulch. These include: Environmentally responsible / Made from nuisance cedar trees. Natural flea and tick repellant Cedar Mulch (Call for Availability) Cedar mulch is colorful, aromatic and insect resistant. $39.00 per yard. Western Red Cedar $7.95 per 3 cu. ft. bag. Mini Pine Nuggets - Slow to decompose, provides a long-lasting dark brown color. $3.95 per 2 cu. ft. bag. Large Pine Nugget The concept was simple. We would produce high quality, natural mulch products, from the material that we obtain every time we debark pulp and logs in our facilities. Species that we don't produce such as Spruce, Fir, and Cedar would be purchased through trusted partners and back-hauled by company trucks Both ant species were killed when confined with fresh aromatic cedar mulch in sealed containers. However, when confined with cedar mulch that had been aged outdoors for up to 140 d, mortality of L. humile was complete regardless of mulch age, whereas T. sessile mortality declined significantly over the mulch-aging period. Argentine ant.

All Products. Norfleet offers a variety of mulch products for a variety of applications. All of our mulches will provide the basic functions of retaining moisture, regulating temperature, and providing organic nutrients to your plants. Filter Filter Hardwood Pine. 12 products Specialty - Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Mulch. This fragrant long lasting, light colored mulch product has remained price stable for over 10 years now. Bugs don't like it and molds almost never grow on it! It will last at least twice as long as any hardwood product. Regular Retail Price - $45.00 per cubic yard *Volume Price $39.00 per cubic yar

Cedar Mulch Pros and Cons. Cedar mulch is a recommended mulch that's great for a vegetable garden. Just like other types of mulches, it has some disadvantages that are worth putting into consideration. Read on to learn the pros and cons of this mulch. Pros of Cedar Mulch. Organic mulches, in general, help to improve the growth of plants Aromatic Cedar. $45.00 per yard. Ask About Delivery! Contact Us Today! Newton Rock & Mulch is your best choice for landscaping materials in Newton, KS. We offer a wide variety of beautiful, high-quality river rock, decorative stone, mulch, topsoil and more. See Our Products In the laboratory, Argentine ant, Linepithema humile (Mayr), mortality was positively correlated to the length of an aromatic cedar mulch section that had to be crossed before food could be reached. When ants could access food without crossing the mulch, mortality was not correlated to mulch section length. In the field, Argentine ants showed a tendency to avoid aromatic cedar mulch as a. Cedar Products. Quality Timber Products (QTP) grinds harvested red cedar trees to create quality landscape mulch. Our wholesale mulch is perfect for landscaping and gardening because it repels bugs and fungus. We also offer color-enhanced mulch to add vibrancy, contrast, and depth to your landscaping. QTP uses a proprietary process to give the. Natural Medium Brown color. Hemlock Bark Mulch: $49.00 Per Yard. Natural Hemlock bark mulch with a characteristic red tone. High quality, and great texture. Natural Cedar Mulch: $47.00 Per Yard. High quality, natural Cedar bark mulch is durable, and can discourage some types of insects. Pleasant, aromatic cedar scent

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Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Closet Storage, 100% Nature Aromatic Red Ceder Blocks Cedar Planks 16 Pcs 4.3 out of 5 stars 4,486 Cedar Sense - Cedar Rings - 30 Pack - Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage - Cedar for Closets - Closet Freshener - Cedar for Hangers - Cedar Closet Freshene Cedar Valley Organics MUCD104 Mulch, Aromatic, Brown, 3 cu-ft Bag. 126467 . Skip to the end of the images gallery . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . Zoom Add to Wish List Add to Compare $ 5.49. Cedar decomposes more slowly than other Mulches so it lasts longe

Retail. Custom Wood Fibers also serves as a retail store for our aromatic cedar mulch. The cedar mulch is produced by our company Eastern Red Cedar Mulch LLC out of Stillwater Oklahoma. We carry four types of aromatic cedar mulch, natural cedar and colored red,brown and black cedar mulch. These four mulches are sold either in bulk by the cubic. Welcome To Glasscock Lumber - Aromatic Red Cedar Cants, Logs & Mulch Cants Cedar Cants Cedar Cants Export Logs Cedar Logs Wanted Cedar Logs Mulch The Glasscock's Contact Home Welcome To Glasscock Log & Lumber Over the years our business has grown from one sawmill with one employee to two sawmills, a band resaw, a mulch machine and 12 employees All the flowers have been planted including the Begonias, Dahliasand Vinca. We have had rain twice since they were planted and more on the way so they will.

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Cedar Valley Mulch contains 100% ORGANIC Cedar Bark and Cedar Wood Fiber. Naturally aromatic and superior to other species of mulches.Why? Because cedar mulch Is unique in that is naturally resistant to insects, mold and fungus and Cedar Mulch decomposes more slowly than other mulches so it lasts longer Cypress mulch is an orangish or golden-brown mulch that is also naturally resistant to decay. Being another light-colored mulch, it does a good job of reflecting the sun. Like cedar, cypress mulch has a nice aromatic smell that people like. Comparing Cedar vs. Cypress. Side-by-side, the truth is, a lot of people cannot tell these two mulches apart Mulch At Triple H Mulch & Firewood, we have an abundant selection of high quality mulch that will leave your lawn looking greener then ever. Choose between the 'vivid' Red Dyed Mulch, the 'vintage' look of Aromatic Cedar Mulch, or the classic 'well kept' Premium Shredded Bark Mulch, and much more. Mulch prices starting at $35 per cubic yard However, when pine straw mulch around oak trees was replaced with aromatic cedar or cypress mulch, a similar number of ant nests was found in the cypress mulch as in the original pine straw, whereas numbers in aromatic cedar mulch were significantly lower

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Eastern Red Cedar Products is a company with a lumber mill located at Marengo, Indiana. We are customer driven. In other words, we produce one board or a trailer load based on our customers specifications.Since we produce 25,000 board feet of eastern red cedar lumber at each location each week, it is possible to quickly fill most special orders Aromatic Cedar Brown Mulch Ground Cover, 2 Cu. ft. Mahsaka Cedar Blend Mulch looks naturally beautiful around all your trees, shrubs and flower gardens. Cedar Blend Mulch is light in color with hints of red throughout 8. Pet's Pick Cedar Bedding. View On Amazon Kennel Care Cedar Chip Mulch comes with an impressive level of odor control to keep your dog's outdoor space pleasant. In addition to the natural cedar scent, which acts as an effective neutralizer and flea/tick repellent, these cedar chips also absorb moisture very well Get your 2021 mulch order started online with Ack Ack Nursery Company today! We will contact you with the total and for payment. Simply click on the type of mulch you want to select it, fill out the information in the form below, and click the submit button at the bottom

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Our Ozark Valley Aromatic Cedar Mulch is one of the most attractive and unique mulches available. It consists of yellow and red heart wood resulting in beautiful coloration and a pleasant aroma. Aromatic cedar mulch is a top-choice for gardeners and landscapers who prefer fragrant, low-maintenance mulch for their growth cover Cedar mulch is naturally resistant to insects, rot and decay; Slow to break down; Natural aromatic smell; Covers approximately 12 Sq. Ft. at 2 thick; Wood mulch is a natural product; color, specie and brand vary by location. For best results it is recommended to purchase the entire project at one time Aromatic cedar mulch is made from shredded cedar trees. This cedar mulch brings naturally aromatic scents to your outdoor spaces. One of the big advantages of using this mulch is its rot resistance and cedar fragrance. 2 cu ft bag. Coverage is 12 sq ft at 2-inch depth •Cedar Valley Mulch contains 100% Cedar Bark and Cedar Wood Fiber. • Our mulch is naturally aromatic and superior to other species of mulches.Why? Because cedar mulch Is unique in that is naturally resistant to insects, mold and fungus • Cedar Mulch decomposes more slowly than other mulches so it lasts longer. It is a natural source of nitrogen which promotes healthy plant and root growt

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Cedar Mulch-One of the most attractive and unique mulches available. It consists of yellow and red heart-wood resulting in beautiful coloration and a pleasant aroma. Aromatic cedar mulch is a top-choice for gardeners and landscaper who prefer fragrant, low maintenance mulch. It is durable and is highly effective in reducing weed growth Cedar Our cedar mulch is made from the Eastern red cedar tree, which is native to this region. It is reddish blond in color, aromatic, and acts as a natural insecticide. Cedar mulch is ideal for perennial flowerbeds. Compost A mixture of decayed plants and other organic material perfect for gardening and enriching soil..

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100% Aromatic Cedar Mulch is shredded, has a reddish-blonde color, and a pleasing aroma. It contains natural occurring cedar oil and therefore decomposes slowly, lasting longer than other mulch materials. A native Texas recycled product, 100% Aromatic Cedar Mulch is reported to repel insects When it comes to laying mulch, Yard Market has you covered! We offer a wide variety of colors that are sure to match your landscaping style. Including Red, Dark Brown, Black, Natural Hardwood, and Aromatic Cedar. Sold by the cubic yard and available for pick up or delivery in the Omaha-Metro area. Spring Delivery Special ! Aromatic Cedar : Cedar : Playground Mulch : Cypress : Approved Playground Material : Fine Pine Mulch : Wood Chips : Heel in Mulch : Large Pine Nuggets : Medium Pine Nuggets : Chipper Chips : Shredded Chipper Chips . Can't find what your looking for? Ask about other available products. Pick-up and Delivery Available.

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Landscape Mulch Triple Blend, our very own blend of aged hardwoods triple shred for a nice fine mulch, Double Ground Shred, Premium Hardwood - Triple Ground, Playmat, and Red Cedar. Dyed Gold, Brown, Black, and Red mulches are also available Cedar Mulch ranges in color depending on the region in which it is harvested. It is usually aromatic, though some varieties have a stronger aroma than others. The oil produced by cedars serves as a natural insect repellant. Cedar mulch is exceptionally long lasting so it does not need to be replaced as often as other varieties Western Red Cedar Mulch. Price: $52.60 / Cubic Yard . Western Red Cedar Mulch is the most aromatic and durable landscaping mulch on the market. This mulch is reddish-brown colour and is well suited for tree and shrub beds. The shredded fibre nature of the product makes it one of the most wind resistant We offer the following mulches: For pricing per yard delivered or picked up refer to page 3 in the catalog.For the delivery fee to your area, refer to page 1 in the catlalog. Click on the Deliveries tab for the descriptions of our delivery trucks In laboratory studies, the Argentine ant, Linepithema humile (Mayr), and the odorous house ant, Tapinoma sessile (Say), avoided aromatic cedar mulch as a nesting substrate. Both ant species were killed when confined with fresh aromatic cedar mulch in sealed containers. However, when confined with cedar mulch that had been aged outdoors for up to 140 d, mortality of L. humile was complete.

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Aromatic Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) mulch discourages ants from nesting in the mulch. That does not mean, however, red cedar mulch will keep ants away. According to a 2003 study published in the Journal of Economic Entomology, ants would willingly cross red cedar mulch to find food, but fewer ants were found on trees surrounded. The mulch made from pine needles and the pine bark are my two favorite choices in terms of mulches. Buy it on Amazon. 4. Natural Cedar Shavings By TERRYM . Cedar shavings are perfect for mulching your garden. The cedar wood originates from different trees known as cedars that grow in various parts of the world Aromatic Cedar Mulch Black Mulch California Redwood Mulch Chocolate Mulch Red Mulch Western Red Cedar Mulch Mulch. Aromatic Cedar. Black Mulch. California Redwood. Chocolate Mulch. Red Mulch. Western Red Cedar. Construction Materials. Blue Chat. Sand. Topsoil. Blue Chat Blue Chat WICHITA (316) 838-5888 LAWRENC Premium Natural Cedar Mulch - 3 cf - is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. A high quality natural mulch product that is aromatic and provides many benefits when used in the landscape. Square Foot Number / 18 = Total bags needed for a 2 inch thick layer of mulch