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  1. Prayer for Success in Testing and Exams. Jesus Christ, You probably know that I'm very nervous about the exams and tests that I will have to take very soon. Ask for Your help to calm my anxious thoughts. Let me be calm and allow you to take care of my nerves. As I prepare to take the exam, I ask for Your peace
  2. ds, our souls, as we wait patiently and with confidence, knowing that all things work together for good to those that love the Lord. Let worry, fear and doubt flee at the sound of Your great name. Grant us favor, Loving Father, in the eyes of the exa
  3. d of Christ be in you (let us pray) The secret things are with them that fear the Lord (let us pray) Engage the holy spirit (let us pray
  4. St Joseph of Cupertino is the last Saint you would expect to pray to for success in exams. He was never known to be the sharpest knife in the draw. So Then, Why Should We Pray to St Joseph of Cupertino For Help With Exams? How did St Joseph of Cupertino become the patron saint of test taking
  5. If you want success in your exams, pray the following prayers, and success is yours in Jesus name. Amen! PRAYER POINTS Give thanks to God. Heavenly Father, even though I am stressed, I may not understand how everything will work out, but I trust you. Dear Lord, although I don't see a way, but I know you will make a way
  6. d and sound memory to remember all I've read

Prayer for success in exams as well as studying We believe in prayer for success in examination as much as we believe in serious studying. We trust that you too believe in prayer and that is why you are here. Our intention is to lead you in short prayers for holistic success in your examination Prayer for Success on an Exam Jesus, This is a stressful season, and I'm overwhelmed by the mountain of work ahead of me, yet I trust in you. I know that when I put my faith in you, even when it's.. This prayers for success in JAMB will empower you with the spirit of excellence to make it in this examination in Jesus name. If this is your first attempt, then you are favoured, because after this prayers, the Holy Spirit will empower your study life and give you direction as you read and an understanding mind to help you come out tops in your JAMB in Jesus name Section B: PRAYER FOR EXAMS SUCCESS I refuse to be on the hospital bed, police station, or mourning the dead while my colleagues are writing exams, in Jesus name. Father, prepare my destiny for academic success, in the name of Jesus. Every power that has vowed that I will not graduate shall die in the Red Sea, in Jesus name I pray that I would fear your presence during my exams, and that I would be comforted by your nearness. Thank you for the gift of this education, Jesus. I pray that these final exams would be a..

Posted on February 17, 2020 January 21, 2021 by Moronke Fayomi Posted in Exams Success Messages, Periodic Prayers, Work-related Motivations Tagged Examination, Success Messages. Post navigation Previous Previous post: Good Morning Love Messages & Quotes for Him or He Prayers for Exams & Studying - Peace and Success for Prayer Before a Test Lord, thank you that you are with me right now Your love surpasses all fear I give you the anxiety I feel I surrender all my worries to you Clear my mind Calm my heart Still my Spirit Relax my being That I may always glorify you In everything I write, speak and do

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http://bit.ly/ytdailyeffectiveprayerPrayer For Exams | Prayers To Pass Exams and TestsBe sure to SUBSCRIBE to catch all the latest prayers uploaded to the ch.. Prayer For Success In Exams. Lord, I thank You that You are the God of the impossible. You can do anything. I want to trust in Your ability and not my own. Teach me to see difficulties in my life from Your perspective. Help me to focus on You and Your power. I want to be like Joshua and Caleb who believed in a good report and focused on You. A Prayer for Final Exams. Jesus, This is a stressful season, and I'm overwhelmed by the mountain of work ahead of me, yet I trust in you. I know that when I put my faith in you, even when it's as.

Prayer for exam result success. Lord, I have done my best. I now lay this exam and the result at the foot of the cross. Thank you that this is a place of grace, where I can find rest. Thank you that I am safe beside you Jesus, that you are with me no matter what lies ahead. Thank you that I travel with you and live in your blessing Thank you St Joseph of Cupertino for always answering my prayers. I thank you that my children and my daughter's boyfriend were successful in their exams. I continue to pray for their success in all their upcoming exams and I encourage everyone to pray the prayers of St Joseph of Cupertino, the patron saint for exam success. Repl Prayer for Success in Exams. If you have an important exam or test coming up, you can also say a prayer for success. Heavenly and loving Father, I pray that you watch over me as I sit for this important exam today. Help me to remain focused and perform at my peak according to the power you have given me

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Prayer Points for EXAM SUCCESS. Grace and divine wisdom, understanding and supernatural, enhanced memory. Success in my NCLEX-RN exam. Power, energy, health and strength to answer all questions well. Holy Spirit guidance on what to read and study for this exam. Confidence in God to succeed in the exam Final exams can be pressurising on students, however, with reassuring support in forms of prayers for friends and loved ones, hope is given and success is eventually won with hard work. These 2021 Best Prayer for Students Taking Final Exams are just all you need to inspire hope and good courage in your friends and anyone you deem fit Saint Joseph pray first off a prayer of thanksgiving I am subject matter competent meaning I will never have to take the CSET exam which is a really tough exam. I am asking for your intercession that I will be admitted into student teaching for August of 2021 I should find out in 6-8 weeks

Prayer for Success Prayer for Exam Success. Loving Father, Only your peace can help me through the anxiety and stresses of exam nerves. Your peace is beyond all understanding. I pray for this gift and choose to lean on you at this time. Father, come and remind me of your eternal love Prayer Request Jesus hear our prayer.!I request prayers for my two daughters 1.My daughter Rachel has written her Maths GCSE exam for the third time.She has worked hard and pray to the Lord with utmost belief.If she doesn't pass this time she can be heart broken.I have been a strong believer since childhood and we For Daughter's success in exams Read More Prayer for students during finals. God of Wisdom, I thank you for the knowledge gained. and the learning experiences of the semester. I come to you and ask you to illuminate my heart and mind. Let your Holy Spirit be with me as I prepare for exams, guiding my studies and giving me insight. so that I can perform to the best of my ability You'll also get success in the exam, and if you want to know which prayer to become successful in exams. Also Read: 1 Safar ki Dua - Dua for Traveling - سفر کی دعا - सफर की दुआ. Powerful Prayer for success in exam. If you want to get success in the exam, first of all, you have to do study correctly Powerful prayer for exam success. Exam is generally accepted as the next step to the next level. We write it in different institutions including schools and organizations. We can wish our loved one's exam success wherever they are. We have varieties of exam success quotes for you. Feel free to text them to those that matter to you


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Prayer for exam result success Lord, I have done my best. I now lay this exam and the result at the foot of the cross. Thank you that this is a place of grace, where I can find rest. Thank you that I am safe beside you Jesus, that you are with me no matter what lies ahead

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas. St. Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of students, so it's a good idea to invoke his intercession before and during study, as well as before tests and exams. These are prayers written by him for clarity in study. Ineffable Creator, Who out of the treasures of Thy wisdom has appointed three hierarchies of Angels. Answered Success Prayer for Passing Exam from Hazen . On December 28, 2016 I sent a prayer petition for my NCLEX RN exam, which was scheduled on January 4, 2017.I had my prayer request. A few days ago, I found out that I passed my exam and I am officially a Registered Nurse

Jul 4, 2020 - If any student wants to achieve good marks in examination and getting success in exams then get this talisman (prayer for success in exams) Prayer for Success in Business, Exams, Work & Life · Exams can bring anxiety and stress, especially when there is a lot riding on one specific test. Here are 10 of the most powerful prayers for exam success Prayer for Exam Success. May excellence distinguish you in this exam. May favour mark you out from your contemporaries. The best is yours. May the beautiful grades I'm confident you will get in this exam compensate for your hardwork and sleepless nights. I wish you the very best in your exams Prayer for Exam Success. Dear Lord, I'm about to take this crucial exam in my life. Thank you for all the times you have been there for me in my past exams. Thank you for enlightening me and letting me come this far in my goals. My success in this exam can help me move forward and pursue my dreams, and of serving other people

Prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino For Success in Examinations O Great St. Joseph of Cupertino my brother in Christ, who while on earth did you obtain from God the grace to be asked at your examination only the questions you knew. Be my prayer partner and intercede with me and for me, for divine [ [DOWNLOAD] Catholic Prayers For Exams Success . I trust that your loving hand will hold me through these exams and lead into a bright future. A calming exam prayer suitable to watch during revision times and exam preparation:- bible quotes for taking exams Be humble in the presence of God's mighty power, and he will honor you when the time comes Students Prayer When Undertaking Exams . Dear God, I ask that You would be with me as I prepare for my exams. Thank You, Lord, for the wonderful educational opportunity that You have granted me, enabling me to undertake this course of study. As I now prepare for my exams, I pray that You would be close to me and calm my nerves A Prayer for Your Exams. Here is a simple prayer you can say at exam time: Lord, thank you for all you do for me and those around me. I know I am fully blessed, but I come to you with something on my heart. Lord, today I am just really stressed. You know, Lord, that I am having some trouble with the test I am about to take PRAYERS FOR SUCCESS: 30 PRAYER POINTS FOR EXAM . · I break evil cycle of failure in my ( Mention the name of the examination or Subject ) exam, in the name of Jesus. 4. Blood of Jesus, fortify my life against every spell, enchantments and satanic utterances against my exam success in the name of Jesus. 5

Prayer for Success on an Exam. Heavenly Father, I ask you to watch over me today as I take a test that is very important to me. Help me to concentrate and and perform at the height of my ability. With you, all things are possible. Give me a peaceful heart and a quiet mind. Guide my hand and lift my heart towards success with this exam. Amen Exam prayer messages for yourself or someone special. 1. I know how much efforts and preparation you have put in for this exam, I sincerely pray that every single effort will be crowned with success. 2. You have always excelled in everything and I know that this exam will not be different Exams Success. PRAYER POINTS FOR EXAMS SUCCESS. Section A. Father, thank you for given me fresh wisdom, understanding and redemptive memory, in the name of Jesus. Father, I cover all my courses/subjects in the blood of Jesus. Let every difficult course becomes easy and simple for me, in the name of Jesus

Prayer for Exam Success - 4 Prayers for before Tests Date: 2021-1-9 | Size: 15.2Mb Calm my nerves I pray, and bring to my mind all that I have studied, so that I may be able to answer all the questions to the very best of my ability Dec 2, 2019 - Explore Pat Cline's board Prayer for exam success on Pinterest. See more ideas about prayer for students, prayers, prayer for exam success Prayer for exams success (a short prayer for passing an exam) Father, I pray that you would help me pass this exam. Thank you for your guidance in leading me to this study and for sustaining me as I have worked for this qualification. I ask now that your spirit would lead me. 5. Preview Jun 15, 2019 - Explore Jacquie Rochon's board Prayer for exam success on Pinterest. See more ideas about inspirational prayers, prayers for healing, faith prayer

Exam Prayer for SSLC Students 2021 by Bro Andrew Richard, Grace Ministry SSLC Exam Prayer 2021 18-07-2021. I thank and praise You because You are the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Your word says that every good and perfect gift comes from above. Thank You for this gift of education which You have given to me Found 8380 results for: How To Wish Your Friend Success In Exams [DOWNLOAD] How To Wish Your Friend Success In Exams · Collection of Exam Success Wishes and Messages for a Special Friend. 1. I pray for you, as you go into the examination hall, everything will be in your favour. Good luck, my dearest friend. 2

Prayer for exams success (a short prayer for passing an exam) Father, I pray that you would help me pass this exam. Thank you for your guidance in leading me to this study and for sustaining me as I have worked for this qualification Duas for success in exam, business, life and job. Success is something that you have to define yourself. Being successful is subjective. We may have different understandings of what success means to us. When we talk about success, generally, it is often related to wealth or fame. Indeed, it is more than that

15 Prayer Points for Academic Excellence/Exam Success. Dear Lord, please give me the power, boldness, strength, drive and diligence I need to study my books. I reject the spirit of fear, anxiety and emotional problems against my academic success, in Jesus name. Grant me your divine and extraordinary wisdom, knowledge, understanding and. Prayer is super important and we should engage in it every day, but we cannot sit back, do absolutely nothing, and still expect to receive good grades for our exams (if only life was that easy). Rather, we should pray for God to help us prepare well through the material and to give us peace throughout the exam period Prayer for Exam Success. Do as you have said. Let your spirit guide me into all truth concerning this exam. At this juncture you can add your own requests. In Jesus name I pray, amen. Praying for Strength to prepare Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength [FREE] Catholic Prayer For Exam Success | updated! A calming exam prayer suitable to watch during revision times and exam preparation:- bible quotes for taking exams Be humble in the presence of God's mighty power, and he will honor you when the time comes. God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him

Prayer for Exam Success Catholic Students. Lord, thank you for making me succeed to this level in life. I call upon your holy name, bless me with exam success , and make me smile forever. Lord, protect my memory, make the end of this exam a huge success in my life. 6 Apr 202 Join in praying the St. Joseph of Cupertino Novena. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. O holy St. Joseph of Cupertino, you put your intellectual shortcomings in the hands of God. In doing so, you were able to pass your exams and become a priest against all odds See also: ccna 2 chapter 3 exam online · 1000 locker problem answer · catholic prayers for final exams · 4pics1word answers 7 letters · civil service exam rizal · traffic school test answers california 2021 · catholic prayer for exam success pdf · train operator exam 7604 eligible list · spanish 2 exam practice test · math 110 final.

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↓ 6 - Dua For Success in Exams. In life there are a bunch of exams that one may have to take, from school, colleges, and then to job interviews and job examinations, or even exams like a test for driving license, all of these need hard work and acceptance of Duas by Allah A Mom's Prayer During Child's Exams. Even as my child is in the midst of the final year exams, I pray You will give me strength and courage to love this child like how You love me. Help me to be a mirror of Your unconditional love. Give me wisdom to sense my child's mood and emotions +Prayers to St. Joseph of Cupertino for Success in Examinations+ This powerful prayer is very effective in examinations. It has to be said before appearing in the examination. There are two variants to this prayer. Both the prayers are equally effective. You can choose any one of these: First Prayer The Lord will surely help you. My best wishes to you for 100% success in your exams. 1.PRAYER DURING THE PREPARATION PERIOD. Loving Heavenly Father,I plead with You as Your word says that You are very compassionate and will by no means cast the one who comes to You (John 6:37). You are aware of my fears and anxiety regarding my forthcoming exams Prayer for a Successful Examination Oh Great St. Joseph of Cupertino, who while on earth was given the grace of being asked in your examination only the questions you know. Please obtain for me the like favor on these examinations which I am now preparing for. In return, I promise to invoke you and mak

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1.2 More 50+ Exam Success Wishes, Messages & Prayers. 1.2.1 Exam Prayer for Students. 1.2.2 Exam Prayers For A Student. 1.2.3 Exam Prayer Messages for Someone Special. 1.2.4 Prayer for Exams. 1.2.5 Prayer Before Exam. 1.2.6 Powerful Prayer to Pass an Exam. 1.2.7 Prayer for Exam Success Prayer for Success in Exams Islamic Prayer For Good Luck. April 20, 2017 / vivahketotke / Leave a comment. Islamic Prayer For Good Luck. Islamic supplications are the petitions that are accessible in the Islam for helping the general population in Islam in disposing of their troubles in their lives. On the off chance that any individual is.

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Thank you St Joseph for assisting me in my exams and helping me pass it.I will be forever grateful and I hope to show you even more gratitude by visiting you in your sanctuary on Sunday. Assist me in the rest of my exams and pray the Lord to grant me success,Amen! July 3, 2015 at 9:15 P pls. Saint Joseph,help me pass my nclex board exam LPN. the last time l ill be taken l took it 6th times already and l ill be taken it again first week in November 2013 .So i pray to Saint Joseph i for pray success in this exam let it be the last time l ill be taken it remove nervousness and fear from my mind and brain.Give me the spirit of. thankyou st.Joseph for giving success to my son by passing with good marks in class 10 and 12.I pray to you for the same kind success in the upcoming exam, I ask this in name of jesus christ and our blessed mother mary. March 16, 2020 at 1:12 A PRAYERS FOR SUCCESS Friday, 25 October 2013. Prayers for Divine Favour. It is God's desire to favour His children. When divine favour is unleashed by God upon your life, He will bless you beyond your wildest dreams and people will stumble upon themselves to bestow favour upon you, simply because you have found favour with God. Much as divine. a selection of contemporary prayers for exam success and a prayer to help with anxious thoughts. prayer for students with a simple prayer for a student whilst away studying at university or college. the serenity prayer a prayer for serenity, wisdom and courage, made famous by the work of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Prayers to St. Joseph of Cupertino for Success in Examinations. Patron Saint of Students and Test Takers. This prayer is for pupils, students and professionals preparing for tests and board. POWERFUL MANTRAS FOR SUCCESS IN EXAMS - Mantras are not merely sounds. They are vibrational energies which can unlock many dimensions. They are effective in awakening consciousness and attaining. Prayers for Job, exam success: I remove my name from the book of failure. Posted on October 31, 2008 Updated on October 31, 2008. DEUT. 28:13. Success in interviewers, appointment, promotions, examination and employments. When you want to excel and be favoured above others; When you want God to take the glory in your caree See also Powerful Prayer For Exams Success Results & Preparation. See also Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart (20 Inspiring bible verses) See also Prayer for Guidance and God's Direction in decision Making. What does the bible say about studying hard

Talisman No 22: (Prayer for Success in Exams) We are going to provide the guidance for students who want to get excellent success in exams. The majority of students are disturbed due to failure in exams again and again. We have often seen, mostly intelligent students get low marks in exams despite of hard working Prayer for Students During Exams. Lord, I pray for students who are taking final exams this time of the year, those I know and those I do not know. You alone know how I experienced similar times with a sense of loneliness, challenge, anxiety and stress. Reach out and touch the hearts and minds of students with a sense that you are will them. Remember, when you succeed in the exams then you should thank St. Joseph of Cupertino. Remember, when you succeed in the exams then you should thank St. Joseph of Cupertino. Prayer for a Successful ExaminationOh Great St. Joseph of Cupertino, who while on earth was given the grace of being asked in your examination only the questions you know Guided prayer for exams. Exam blessing prayer from the Bible: This exam blessing prayer asks God to give you the kind of wisdom, knowledge and ability to learn as some of the wisest people in the Bible. Prayer of blessing for exams. Finding your personal space at college for prayer and meditation. Finding your space

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The powerful ganesh mantra for success in exams is given below: Om Gam Ganpataye Namah! Recite this mantra 108 times daily in the morning before sun rise and then pray to Lord Ganesha to bless you with a sharp mind and good memory so that you may get successful in your exams. Keep practicing it, till the time your results are declared and. Yet for many others, it is in the area of their health. Now. The way this is applied is that you go into an Esther-Style fast and this time you pray for 1 hour every 6 hours. For 3 days. Here's how Mike did it: Start: Fri 12 midnight - Step 3 Prayers (from Prayer Cookbook) Fri 6am: Repeat Step 3 (from Prayer Cookbook) Fri 12 noon. Prayer To Saint Anthony For Success In Preparing For Exams. Prayers. O blessed Saint Anthony, I place my studies under your powerful protection, through your intercession may the Holy Spirit fill me with light, strength, intelligence and humility. I implore the creator of all things to grant me the ability to grasp things correctly, and the.


Exam success prayer is a sure way to boost the confidence of your loved one. So help and motivate your friend, family, co-worker or someone you love by wishing, praying and boosting confidence in them. In this article, we have crafted some beautiful motivational messages, good luck messages, Exam success wishes, and prayers Therefore, his help is necessary to be with us in the process of getting knowledge. We can recite to pray for success in exams. Prayer of a better understanding of knowledge for students. The students should recite this Dua for a better understanding of knowledge; this Dua is following Prayer for my final exam | PrayerRequest.com. · Praying for Gods favor and that I have passed my board exams. I have taken the exam three times this year and have failed twice, missed it by a few points. I'm praying that the outcome on December 7th will be different this time around that God will touch the examiners as they grade my exam Prayer for Success in Exams Dear Father, I commit my examination to you, especially now that I am at the preparation stage. Abba Father, I want you to guide me in my preparation. Grant me success in these important exams. Let my heart be in sync with those of my examiners, so that I can read in line of questions they have set Exam season can be a stressful time for students and their families and so it is a time when the local parish can reach out and offer a Mass or a liturgy specifically for students preparing for exams. Below are some resources for use in parishes and schools for Masses and liturgies for exams: Prayers of the Faithfu

Dua for success in exam. Dua for exam success is effective and working. You will get positive results after reciting this dua continuously after every salat. Insha Allah you will get success in this dua to get good marks in exam. Read Surah Rehman for all kinds of family, job, and health issues Bible Verses about Success: Scriptures on True Fortune and Victory Through scripture we know that God wants us to succeed in life. By growing and using our faith & trust in the Lord we can be strengthened to fulfill His will for our lives- this is true success. Use this collection of Bible verses to gain a better understanding of how God defines success, and how we can truly succeed in life. Collection of Exam Success Wishes and Messages for a Special Friend. 1. I pray for you, as you go into the examination hall, everything will be in your favour. Good luck, my dearest friend. 2. Be calm and collected, you will come out in flying colours. Good luck to you, my good friend. 3 Success in all your affairs. Fulfillment of all types of needs. For example marriage, business, jobs, exams etc. To gain Allah's Mercy. To invoke Allah to ease all your tasks for you. For all types of tests,exams and interviews. Click here for the DUA BOOK having 120 Beautiful Du'as from the Holy Quran My confidence in God will stand firm to contribute to my exam success, in Jesus name. Section B: PRAYER FOR EXAMS SUCCESS. I refuse to be on the hospital bed, police station, or mourning the dead while my colleagues are writing exams, in Jesus name. Father, prepare my destiny for academic success, in the name of Jesus

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In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. (Bill Cosby) Go where you are celebrated - not tolerated. If they can't see the real value of you, it's time for a new start. (Unknown) Don't be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone. (Unknown Oct 27, 2017 - Explore Giuseppa Barillaro's board Prayer for Studying., followed by 335 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about prayer for students, prayer for studying, exam prayer

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Prayer, a means of communicating with God is as important as food in our daily lives. How great would it be to pray for the one you cherish the most, the one who you place on the fore front of your heart and you'll never let go. Everyone desires a successful life, great achievements, booming businesses, success in exams etc. All these needs to pass through a channel (Prayer) to bring forces. Exam Prayer For Mature Students 1 More Prayer for Exams Dear God, I am shortly to face my final exams at the end of this course of study and I pray that Prayer for exam success quran. . Prayer for exam success quran

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Prayers - Dua for studies and exams!! [dua in arabic version is shared with us by a sister , kindly make dua for her, may Allah bless sister for sharing this imp dua in arabic] Dua Before Studying : Allahumma infa'nii bimaa 'allamtanii wa'allimnii maa yanfa'uunii. Allahumma inii as'aluka fahmal-nabiyyen wa hifzal mursaleen al-muqarrabeen 2 12 Saraswati mantras for Study & Knowledge. 2.1 Goddess Saraswati Beej Mantra. 2.2 Saraswati Mantra for Students. 2.3 Saraswati Mantra for Exams. 2.4 Saraswati Gayatri mantra for Success. 2.5 Maha Saraswati Mantra. 2.6 Saraswati Mantra for Intelligence. 2.7 Saraswati Mantra for Illumination. 2.8 Saraswati Mantra for Knowledge and Speech Please put me in your Du'aas as I'm going to start writing my exams today, pray success for me. May Allah bless us all and guide us through every target we want to achieve. Saad. February 22, 2021 at 11:21 pm . Assalamualaikum sister, the dua's that you've collected for different types of exam situations is worth praising! Great work Prayer in St Elizabeth Ann Seton's name - Lord God, you blessed Elizabeth Seton with gifts Prayer of Reparation of Saint Theresa - I adore and praise Thee, O my Divine Jesus, Prayer of Saint Augustine of Hippo (340-430 A.d.) - Love And Do What You Will Therefore once for Prayer of Saint Claude de la Colombiere - A Despair Prayer

Pin by NativeNewYorker on Times & Days to Remember | Examexam prayer - YouTubeSuccess In Exams | Quran quotes, Islamic quotes quranCheverus High School on Twitter: "A special prayer for midMy prayer before I take a test | Wisdom from God