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If Voice Therapy for adult clients is confusing, Voice in a Jiff helps you treat voice disorders like vocal nodules or polyps with print and go activities for speech therapy. Use Resonant Voice Therapy, Straw Phonation, Stretch and Flow, Vocal Hygiene, Reflux and more Word games make great speech therapy exercises for adults. Although you aren't producing speech, these games challenge your language processing skills. To work on your visual processing and comprehension, try computer games like solitaire or alchemy Home / Speech therapy materials tagged Adults Adults. Speech therapy activities, worksheets, evaluations, and handouts for adults. Showing all 24 results. Not Your Average Aphasia Therapy Workbook Sale! $ 124.99 $ 70.56 Buy now; Phonological Components Analysis (PCA) Packet: Aphasia Treatment , , $ 4. 21 Practical Cognitive Tasks. By Miwa and Chung Hwa / June 24, 2019. July 12, 2021. Let's delve into cognitive treatment, the bread-and-butter of Adult Home Health Speech Therapy! These tasks are also useful for caregivers, OTs, PTs, and RNs of patients who don't have speech therapy but may benefit from cognitive training 10 beautiful Group Therapy Ideas For Adults to make sure that anyone might not will needto explore any more . It's clear that we long for original recommendations , mainlyfor very special event - listed here are truly 10 unique Group Therapy Ideas For Adults!. Get motivated! Finding a special ideas has rarely ever been.

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Our family has had three children in speech therapy at the Speech and Voice Experience and we've been very pleased! The staff and clinicians are warm, friendly, and professional, and work well with children and adults. They are positive and make the therapy sessions pleasant and fun for the children FREE ACCESS ACTIVITIES. We know our interactive and engaging digital materials are going to be a hit in your therapy sessions, but you don't have to take our word for it! Try them for yourself. On this site we have included some free digital downloads and online games that you can use without a paid membership This is a versatile adult speech therapy activity that requires very little prep work and targets safety awareness and problem solving (as well as recall, verbal reasoning, etc) for adults who are planning to return home after rehab or who are already home, receiving speech services.The kit contain

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FREELY-AVAILABLE ONLINE TREATMENT MATERIALS FOR STUTTERING 2016 by Judy Maginnis Kuster Disclaimer: The URLs on the handout were all functioning May 2016 The go-to site for information about speech sound disorders is the long-standing speech-language-therapy dot com site developed by Caroline Bowen, PhD., Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist from Australia, ASHA Fellow, Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, a Member of the Order of Australia: For significant. Jul 4, 2019 - Explore DesignLab19's board SLP board games -adults, followed by 395 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about board games, games, therapy activities These activities promote vocabulary, language form, language use & memory skills. Patients that are less able can participate in modified versions of these activities such as Let's cook breakfast or Let's go grocery shopping. These themes can be modified for teenagers & young adults; I work in a public school setting with limited resources

We've come up with 23 ready-to-use activities to treat Language Expression and Writing impairments. Free free to copy and print them. Or bookmark this article to use during treatment! But first, a review. What is Aphasia? The Ted-Ed video above is a beautifully illustrated overview of aphasia. It makes an awesome plug for speech therapy too Specific communication difficulties can be addressed in speech therapy at any age. For adults, practice with communication skills is important. Adults who are advocates and have opportunities for public speaking often improve their communication skills. Social activities, job-related communication, volunteer or other community group activities Speech Therapy Materials For Kids. Speech and Language Kids has a range of free speech therapy materials, including: Articulation cards. Visual aids for calming children. Adjectives and other games. Vocabulary and question cards. Data collection forms. Various flashcards Exercises to improve breathing patterns, helping to improve voice productio Speechtivities is THE online marketplace for Speech Therapists to buy and sell self-created speech therapy activities and materials. Browse amongst the many speech therapy materials that our vendors have to offer and find what you need to work with clients birth through adult age ranges and for a multitude of speech therapy disorders

that is fun and engaging yet involves minimal prep time. How does that sound? They are packed with. articulation and a wide variety of language topics. I just added a Dice and Dot. for Apraxia and one for Multisyllabic Words. You. can buy them individually or bundled to save money. Get it here Virtual speech therapy is a convenient and effective way for adults to achieve their communication goals from home. Our online therapy sessions are live and interactive, and goals are tailor-made for each individual's needs. Here are just some of the benefits of using online speech therapy Speech Therapy for Adults: A Helpful and Definitive Guide. Speech therapists are often associated with helping children, but certified speech-language pathologists also commonly work with adults to help with speech or language problems. Leanne Sherred. Leanne is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist Drug design and essay with functional speech therapy activities for adults. Bonaparte before the collision is one of the christ whom adults for activities therapy speech functional has been most interesting to consider three factors. A range of goods and services. Volunteers

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Free Language Stuff is a website full of hundreds of language worksheets and activities in more than 20 areas and various languages. Adult Speech Therapy Links & Printables Speech therapy products from Dysphagia Plus for dysphagia, autism, stuttering, ASHA, aphasia, AOTA. Chewy tubes, teld, the breather Brain Teasers Worksheets For Adults Image Search Results Brain Teasers Brain Teasers For Adults Icebreaker Worksheets . Free Language Stuff Speech Language Activities Speech And Language Speech Language Therapy . Calendar Task Aphasia Therapy Activities Speech Therapy Activities Cognitive Activities If your adult students are learning about communication, examining tone of voice is an essential concept to explore. Use these activities to help students identify tone of voice and use. 4 Fun Aphasia treatment activities for adults . The best speech therapy games (for adults and teens) online, offline, and apps, especially useful for stroke survivors with aphasia

Are you tired of using generic worksheets for homework in speech therapy with adults? Today I am sharing the ONE THING you need to know to easily create a personalized, functional home program for the adults you work with.. Around 5 or 6 years of working as an SLP, I grew tired and bored with a version of worksheet therapy that I had fallen into Free speech therapy activities and worksheets, including communication boards, automatic speech routines, semantic feature analysis (SFA), organization tasks and handouts. Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to lo Low prep speech therapy activities are something that busy Speech Language Pathologists should never be without. Unless you've won the lottery when it comes to SLP jobs (perfect space, easily manageable caseload, unlimited ink and materials, etc.), there are times when you need to be able to quickly prepare and provide quality group therapy Online speech therapy known as teletherapy providing quality virtual services in the comfort of your own home. We specialize in adults who need voice therapy, speech and language therapy or cognitive therapy. Voice modification for transgender clients and accent modification services also available For some problems, group therapy activities is preferred. SOAP Notes for Speech Therapy: The Ultimate Guide Monday, July 12, 2021. Having a clear understanding of what a SOAP note is, and how to write one both thoroughly and efficiently can be a huge help to SLP's. A note is completed after every speech therapy session

More social interaction -- Research suggests that older adults who participate in social activities, like group reminiscence therapy, have lower mortality rates. Reminiscence Therapy for Dementia. When it comes to seniors living with dementia, reminiscence therapy can be effective in triggering memory recall 10. How I Felt the First Day — It's important to celebrate progress and look back on gains made during a course of therapy. This activity is a quick and easy way for a client to reflect on how far they've come. On the first day of therapy, ask them to write on the front of a blank piece of paper how they feel about therapy To get speech therapy back on the right track, I created some MEANINGFUL speech therapy activities for all areas of development. This page is always underdevelopment and I will add to it as I create more. Articulation Speech Therapy Activities. Articulation or speech therapy is all about improving how a person say sounds and words Cognitive speech language therapy activities can help rewire the brain to make processing and functioning easier when it comes to thought, eating, drinking, breathing, etc. A proper and detailed assessment to determine the areas of weakness and what activities will be most beneficial is necessary Compensatory strategy training: use of a timer to give breaks and goal time for maintaining attention to a given task. turning off other sounds and distractions. Using finger to follow along when reading. Reading aloud. Changing the pace of reading. Making a list of disctractions or things that have helped you

Great Speech therapists specialize in remediating communication disorders using interactive and individualized therapeutic activities via online speech therapy for adults. Some of our clients receive therapy with more than one speech therapist! This team approach allows us to match talents and skills from different speech therapists with our. (Wulf, 2007). In speech therapy, this may mean drawing the patient's attention to the acoustic speech signal (Maas et al., 2008). To date, this strategy has been successfully used in programs such as Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) LOUD, where adults with progressive dysarthria secondary to Parkinson's disease have been able to achiev

Find games to play to practice compensations for memory skills; 4. Games with Household Objects. Each of the free therapy pages using household objects have games to target following directions skills; Find something that will interest your child! Learn about the difference between spatial, temporal, multi-step and basic directions; 5. Membershi Online games are a favorite activity for my speech therapy students. No prep for you, fun for them. If you are using a platform like Zoom where you can give your students control, any of these games are great. If you can't give students control, look at the online board games that automatically advance. You can click the dice for your students Language: Language activities focus on increasing a person's vocabulary or using a nonverbal language system in place of spoken language. These types of activities often accompany speech therapy. For example, a singing class can encourage spoken language, introduce new vocabulary and improve an autistic person's social skills

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  1. Well the really good news is that tele-therapy with an adult client isn't all that different to a face-to-face session. In this blog post, I will discuss 9 speech therapy activities and explain how you can do them via tele-therapy. I'll be referring to Zoom but other pla
  2. Inference Activities by David Newman BAppSc (Speech-Language Pathology) Thank you for taking the time to look at the Inference Activities program. All of the activities have been tested on many of my students over a long period of time. The questions and activities in the program have been designed to be as user friendly
  3. Many adults struggle with speech disorders caused by a cognitive condition, hearing problem or as the result of stroke or accident. Speech pathologists work with these patients to help them develop and improve pronunciation and word recognition. Instructors can engage speech-disorder patients in enjoyable activities.
  4. Overall, this game is great for speech and language therapy - as well as behavioral therapy - with nonverbal language, role play, facial expressions, impulse control, and inferencing being addressed. Spud. Gather up a small group (at least three players) along with a soft ball, and get ready to work on categorization and short term memory
  5. Apraxia of speech is sometimes called acquired apraxia of speech, verbal apraxia, or dyspraxia. It is a motor speech disorder. You can also have apraxia in other parts of your body, like in your arms or legs. This is called limb apraxia. How serious your apraxia is depends on what type of brain damage you have

The Tactus Therapy App Finder helps you find the best speech therapy apps for you. For adults with aphasia, apraxia, stroke, TBI, and more Word games make great speech therapy exercises for adults. Although one isn't producing speech, these games challenge the patient's language processing skills. To exercise problem solving and visual processing, try word games like word searches or crossword puzzles. Most brain games will help improve speech when one practices them regularly This site was created as a resource for parents, therapists and other professionals to share therapy ideas and activities, to encourage therapists and parents who feel overwhelmed and to promote products that improve communication across settings. If you would like to read more about my professional journey please click the read more link below

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  1. Speech Therapy (Adults) & Swallow Studies. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Speech disorders as defined by the ASHA, occur when a person has difficulty producing speech sounds.
  2. clear€articulation,€using€appropriate€voice€levels,€ and€speaking€fluently. Functional€Vocabulary€for€Adolescents€&€Adults€helps€you teach€your€clients€the€terms€they€need€to€be€successful€in everyday€life. Beverly Plas
  3. Honeycomb Speech Therapy offers printables and possible goals for 8 TED talks. TED-Ed talks are informative, entertaining, and short. MathGames.com. I especially like the money and time games. Around Town, interactive lessons for real-life activities from GCFGlobal. Eye-Search, a free reading therapy for patients with hemianopic alexia
  4. Speech therapy for adults. An SLP can use several different techniques as part of adult speech therapy. These include: Social communication: The SLP may use problem-solving, memory activities, and.
  5. Online Speech Therapy Games. Wednesday, July 15, 2020. Online speech therapy games are great for home practice and teletherapy (aka telepractice or telehealth) and add another mode of learning. This blog will review 12 fun online speech therapy games and resources that therapists can utilize with children either during office or telehealth visits
  6. The various techniques of speech therapy will make your child's speech and communication better. These activities are simple and convenient as you can easily arrange them at your home. Let's have a look at the following speech therapy exercises for the child at home. 1. Encourage conversation. Have regular storytelling sessions
  7. Megan S. Sutton, MS, CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist and co-founder of Tactus Therapy. She is an international speaker, writer, and educator on the use of technology in adult medical speech therapy. Megan believes that technology plays a critical role in improving aphasia outcomes and humanizing clinical services

A kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks. Each storybook includes free lesson plans. 1 month free - 4.99/mo. EPIC! - Leading Digital Library for Kids 12 & Under. Instantly access 40,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes & more. 1 month free Speech therapy activities build crucial language skills in playful ways. Finding the speech therapy services your child needs can create a strong foundation they will use in everyday life. Fun stories, games, and songs are just a few examples of engaging speech therapy activities for children with intellectual disabilities 71+ Social Problem Scenarios + 6 Blank Scenarios. Use the 71 social problem-solving scenarios to have your students get great experience practicing how to solve a social problem. Also, included are 6 blank scenarios. Then laminate them so you can use them over and over again. Therefore, create social problems that the student experiences and.

ONLINE CATEGORY GAMES FOR SPEECH THERAPY. Online Articulation Spinners for Speech Therapy These games show photos and are in various themes and of various difficulty.There is a tutorial video below which explains how to play each one. You may also like our Online Articulation Spinners found here Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone Accelerate reading fluency, comprehension and pronunciation with a reading phone - Help children learn to read and enhance speech by hearing themselves speak with crystal clear auditory feedback - Also a great learning aid for speech therapy - Limited. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 161. $6.99 Speech therapy is undoubtedly the best course of treatment for stuttering in adults. Whether you are receiving it from a SLP in-person, or via a cutting edge anti-stuttering app, speech therapy is undoubtedly the best long-term treatment for stuttering. 2. Psychological Counseling and CB After a stroke, it is common for people to have cognitive difficulties, including changes in attention/concentration, short-term memory, problem-solving, pla..

The Speech Clinic is an independent provider of Speech and Language Therapy services to children and adults. We have clinics in Swansea and Cardiff, and provide home and school visits throughout the area. We work with individual clients and their families, as well as schools, colleges and care homes Speech-language pathologists use a combination of therapy, exercise, and assistive devices to treat speech disorders. Speech therapy might focus on motor production (articulation) or linguistic (phonological or language-based) elements of speech, according to ASHA. There are various types of speech therapy available to patients A: Our speech therapy programs are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. We identify areas for improvement and work with the patient to develop goals and an appropriate plan of care. We also teach techniques and strategies to improve communication. As therapy continues, we regularly review and modify these goals according to the. Speech therapy is a treatment for speech disorders. Both children and adults may benefits from speech therapy. During speech therapy you may perform speech exercises, work on language. Check especially Education (lower grades, phonetics!, vocabulary, medical terminology, etc.) Targeted Word Lists for Speech Therapy Practice ( for language, from Cognitive speech therapy activities for adults pdf.

Voice Aerobics is an exercise program for people with changes to speech due to PD, stroke, or neurological problems. It focuses on breath support, posture, and vocal function techniques to improve vocal performance. Voice Aerobics is a program created by Mary Spremulli, a speech-language pathologist, and is available on DVD for use at home. 6 Cognitive-communication therapy is crucial for helping brain injury patients regain conversation skills. Cognition - or thinking skills - are sometimes more subtle than overt language disorders that often are a primary focus of treatment in speech therapy. However, cognition is just as important as the physical ability to produce words. Today you will learn what 5 Cognitive. Mmm-hmm. up and down your vocal range, from low to middle to high and back again, 10 times. Raise your volume a bit and say Mmmmmmmmy name is. Repeat this ten times up and down your vocal range. This enhances vocal flexibility and coordination. Say Ney, ney, ney, ney, ney loudly but without yelling 10 times up and down your. Sarah Valek Children with lisps or other speech disorders might need speech therapy. Speech therapy exercises help children and adults properly pronounce words and initiate speech communication. Whether the child or adult has a speech problem or an adult has suffered a stroke, these exercises are an invaluable tool to overcome speech difficulties to effectively communicate with people

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  1. Interventions were grouped into 1) Direct voice therapy 2) Indirect voice therapy 3) Combination of direct and indirect voice therapy and 4) Other treatments: pharmacological treatment and vocal hygiene instructions given by phoniatrist. No studies were found evaluating direct voice therapy on its own. One study did not show indirect voice.
  2. Adult Play Therapy and Trauma (a brief Neurobiology lesson) Stress levels increase cortisol levels. Cortisol affects the rate at which neurons are either added or subtracted from the hippocampus. The hippocampus (located in the mid-brain) is the central organ for learning and can be reduced in size when neurons are lost
  3. The new and improved Activity Studio+ offers EVERYTHING from Honeycomb Speech Therapy and more. Have instant access to hundreds of participation-focused Treatments, Strategies, Education handouts, Real-life Activities, Assessment considerations + more designed for adult speech therapy
  4. ology used to describe the practice of AR, has varied and evolved over the years. Montano (2014) defined AR as. a person-centered approach to assessment and management of hearing loss that encourages the creation of a therapeutic environment conducive to a shared decision process which is necessary to explore and reduce the.
  5. Activities to help _____'s word-retrieval skills The terms word retrieval problem or word finding difficulty imply that the person knows and understands the word, and has used it correctly before

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Typical activities include the following: yoga, working with resistance bands and weights, under supervision, and other exercises. Cognitive & Memory Activities Music Therapy. Music therapy greatly benefits adults with developmental disabilities. They can instantly participate in activities like foot tapping, hand clapping or sing-a-longs Download free speech therapy resources, activities and worksheets. Browse resources by categories and download free pdf files. Categories. Articulation; Latest Apps. All critical thinking. Read more . Functional Listening. Read more . Social Skills with Billy. Read more Welcome to FREE LANGUAGE STUFF! Here you can find hundreds of language worksheets and activities in more than 20 areas. To view activities and other information in each language area click on the appropriate button below. Many of the activities have been sorted by type to the right. New activities are posted on the front page, and on area pages

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Speech and Language Kids. This resource has many free speech therapy materials for SLPs. There are tons of games with everything from specific sounds to language activities such as worksheets for articulation practice. They have blank Bingo sheets that is a fun resource for other targeted practice 31 thoughts on Following Directions - Worksheets, Activities, Goals, and More Judi Strickland Friday at 10:25 pm. I am a literacy tutor looking for specific follow instructions exercises for adults (ESL). We gear our conversation classes to the 6th to 8th grades

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  1. A Nonrandomized Trial for Student Teachers of an In-Person and Telepractice Global Voice Prevention and Therapy Model With Estill Voice Training Assessed by the VoiceEvalU8 App Elizabeth U. Grillo Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 64:6 (2038-2046) 4 Jun 202
  2. Other — free speech therapy materials for adults Please check-out these additional free speech therapy resources on nicespeechlady.com: Articulation — free speech therapy materials for adults
  3. Find the right adult speech & language therapy materials for your clinic or private practice. Choose from therapy cards, communication resources & more. Shop & save at AliMed.com
  4. You don't need to buy 'special' speech therapy spelling activities and games: Store-bought children's spelling games can make a great addition to your resources cupboard, especially if you can find them for just a few dollars in thrift stores

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A speech therapy group is the perfect opportunity to use cards and games with patients and give the patients the level of prompting and support they need to make the task therapeutic. Some of my favorite games for therapy include 500 Rummy, Bananagrams, Guess Who, Memory, and Connect 4 Speech and language therapy provides treatment, support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with articulation skills, social language, auditory and reading comprehension, grammar, fluency, and vocal quality Many Speech-Language Pathologists stepping into teletherapy may be unsure of how to address pragmatic language goals using this new mode of service delivery. Former go to resources like board games, books, and tabletop activities may no longer be relevant when working with students virtually. It can be somewhat difficult to suddenly identify a new repertoire of activities to target goals for.

Zones Of Regulation Activities For Your Speech Therapy Sessions. 5 Point Scale for Adolescent & Adults- is a curriculum designed for older students and adults. Youtube Videos For Zones Of Regulation Activities. I found some hilarious video clips on youtube from one of my SDC teachers From the 406 patients that came during the study period, 139 patients (34.2%) were diagnosed with dysphagia, followed by developmental language disorders (33.3%). Of the 139 patients diagnosed. Why I love using games in speech therapy. Lesson planning is easier and quicker when I can use ONE game for multiple goals. My students are more engaged and motivated to practice their goals when I use games. I am more engaged! Yes, bringing in new ways to use games keeps this SLP inspired during therapy sessions

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These speech therapy materials are immediately applicable, user-friendly, and research-based. We are closing the gap between research published in academic journals and the ability to apply those findings to the clients we serve. We know that the diversity of your caseloads is not reflected in available speech therapy materials, books, and. Jan 6, 2019 - These 5 alternating attention tasks require patients to alternate attention between the objects ordered at the top of the page and the objects randomly placed below. These tasks do not require the patient to read and may work for people who have aphasia or when there is a language barrier Virtual Speech Center offers innovative speech therapy apps for schools, private practices, independent speech pathologists and parents. We offer a wide range of mobile applications for speech therapy developed for IPad and IPhone devices. Some of our apps are offered at no charge to speech pathologists. We offer practice management and EMR software for speech therapists Language-Based Learning Disability - Writing and Reading Activities. For The Record - This activity works great for things like short answer or story assignments. Give your child a pocket recorder (like what might be used by a reporter on the scene), or download an app like this one that records voice. Have him record his voice with his.

Better Speech is a convenient and affordable online speech therapy for children and adults. Sign up and get matched immediately with a licensed speech therapist. Start improving communication skills from the comfort of your home. Better Speech - for a better future. Get Started. Our Services A free speech therapy website for aphasia. No signup and no cost. Developed by a speech pathologist

Available instantly on compatible devices. Halloween is Here! An Animated Storybook picturebook for tots with emphasis on speech therapy and child development. Oct 10, 2013. App. $1.25. $1 Speech therapy for seniors isn't for everyone. Like physical, occupational, and recreational therapy, you need a doctor's order for it. The first step in seeing if your loved one can benefit is by making an appointment with their doctor. After that, the doctor may order an evaluation by a speech therapist, who will make their own. Planning articulation therapy for middle and high school students doesn't have to be stressful. By strategically integrating words with target sounds into meaningful and motivating games, activities, and websites, your older students will put forth greater effort to make changes in their speech production

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Speech therapy goal bank for social and pragmatic language, including dozens of goals to improve communication. Speech language therapy goal bank. List of words for each speech sound! Free speech therapy goal bank for articulation, phonology, speech sounds The voice-controlled devices have a small built-in speakers and connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more. I discovered a few Alexa skills that are perfect for helping kids with therapy needs or with development of underlying skills that impact independence and safety Speech-language therapy addresses challenges with language and communication. It can help people with autism improve their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication. The overall goal is to help the person communicate in more useful and functional ways. Communication and speech-related challenges vary from person to person Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgementally (Kabat-Zinn, 1994, p.4). When we are in the present moment, we are in touch with our senses. By connecting to what we hear, see, feel, and smell, we are confronted with an abundance of descriptive vocabulary words Executive Function 101: Speech Therapy, Evaluations, and Classroom Support - CEU Course. Access and develop a student's cognitive abilities to improve their attention, behavior, and organization. We began by identifying why students with executive functioning disorders struggle with attention, organization, and behavior Speech therapy for adults is considered medically necessary when the member has minimal functional limitations with ADLs/IADLs AND one or both of the following: Diagnosis of a Speech / Language / Voice Disorder(s) as evidenced by one or more of the following