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  1. GraalOnline Zone Image Upload. E-mail address: File Type: Head Body Personal Shield Public Shield. Set Transparency: (It sets the transparent color as the same color in the top left corner of the image) Rules Updated: please check the rules, as refunds have been modified
  2. GraalOnline Ol' West Image Upload. File type was improperly specified. Invalid file extension. Our currently supported extensions are: gif, png. The submitted file is corrupt. Fix the image and try again. You need to specify a correct e-mail address! There is no player with the e-mail address online right now
  3. How To Upload. Step 1: Save the head or body to your computer by right clicking on it. (Make sure you save it to pictures.) Step 2: Click one of the links above; whichever game you wish to upload to. (Era, Classic, Zone, O'l West) Step 3: Put the email that you use for your account
  4. GraalOnline Zone Upload. GraalOnline Delteria Upload. If you play the PC servers (not on the web browser/facebook) you will be uploading in the game itself. Want to make custom uploads on your own? click here for templates so you can get started. If you have any more questions that isn't answered on this page and is related to GraalOnline.
  5. Graal Upload Credits To mof for the head base, i forgot where i got the hair color im so sorry ;-; , anyways here it is i edited it a little I changed the eyes and the skin tone and the color of the hair! <3 - ma

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are you playing graal online? are you otaku? looking for anime's head/body? you have come to the right place! yo there! upload to classic. upload to era. upload to zone. btw sometime this head when u try upload it admin disapprove it ;( but keep upload it until they accept :3... Citrus Graal. zerogfxborovcakl. Here you can upload cool heads and bodies for you game get them so u can look really cool. Create your website with WordPress.com. Get started. Sab GFX Create a website or blog at WordPress.co May 20, 2020. May 20, 2020. ~ KattieGraalGfx ~ Leave a comment. This are my profiles in GraalOnline Ol'west,Classic & Era,Take Note that im more active on Ol'west! GraalOnline Classic Guild: (ismexy) Posts navigation. Older posts

Here you go girls . These are the heads and body uploads from the post before . I post 3 heads and they have different eyes and 1 head has different bangs . I decided to edit these head and body uploads with 4 different hair color as you can see and for example all the black hair female heads go with the same black hair body ok and is the same for all the other hair colors These are three different coloured flannel sweaters which I've been meaning to edit for you guys a long time ago (i am lazy ) Hope you enjoy this because I absolutely love flannel/tartan clothing! (i might actually get this upload in graal if my amount of gralats looks a little better than its current state

Tag: Graal Girl Upload. Sport Nexus Themed Bodies! 24. July 2016 Hello everyone. I'm still sick. Yes - I'm close to 500k views and I want to comeup with at least 1 decent post. I hoped I would be less busy in summer break, but wrong. My final presentation consumes time and my bf is still at home with his injured leg and I have to these heads are awsome, could you make me a special request. I don't really know how much you take for it but it would be really cool. Contact me in graal online era QE. or ill contact you in graal old west. you're awesome tysm for making diss website. i would like to learn how you make these heads thanks. you are truly aswome GraalOnline Classic; GraalOnline Era; GraalOnline Zone; GraalOnline Olwest-+ Shop; Map; News; Feedbac

IDINATA GRAAL. Home Girl Heads Boy Heads Girl bodies Boy Bodies Boy Bodies! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Home Girl Heads Boy Heads Girl bodies Boy Bodies. H ey yall , I bring a new girl upload! This a pk upload or an upload girls may use while basing/pking. I got a lot of requests to make a serious , pk type , girl upload with blood on her face xd, so here you go. It has 4 gifs: blink, red/light brown goldish flames, and eye glow. I also added 3 cc bodies, everything in the bodies changes colors except the skirt and the leaf Inuyasha (犬夜叉, Dog Forest Spirit) was an Inu-Hanyō, who was the second son of the famous Inu-Daiyōkai the Inu no Taishō and the human woman named Izayoi. He's the main character of the series. 50 years ago, Inuyasha was pinned to a sacred tree by a sacred sealing arrow shot by the priestess Kikyō after he attempted to steal.

Akkun and Draken heads. Hey everyone! Here's some Draken and Akkun head if you watch Tokyo Revengers, you'll recognize Akkun before he died in the present. I recolored it so you can pick other hair colors which is optional. I added Draken so Drakens fans could upload it in the game. I just redo the head that Zara made Here's my last Halloween post and since my last one got so much support, I decided to make a similar one with a normal one but skeleton themed. (and yes, I'm finally able to reindex lol) Creds to LyraGfx for the head (ty to this loyal star too ) and Azngirlz for body. PS ~ Ty to these loyal stars. InsentGfx How to Upload on Graal. If I haven't gotten this question a thousand times, then a million. xD It's unsafe to let random people upload your customs for you, so you should learn how to do it yourself! c: NOTE: You must use a computer. Pick or make the head/body/sword/shield. Make sure it's saved in a place you can find it easily ONE PUNCH MAN. (Darkstar) Hello otakus! i made a ONE PUNCH MAN head from scratch a long time ago and i decided to upload it now. i think it'd be really cool to see a graal version of one punch man walking around and stuff lol! so there you go! credits to me for the head :) enjoy! R a m & R e m -CXu The iClassic staff in Graal Online Classic have added upload tokens lots of people are upset...___ Support me by going to this link and filling out an offer..

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Hmm hi so a friend of mine requested me to ifile the heads of the gang named Menace2Society..so i did and i decided to post their heads here. January 9, 2017. January 9, 2017. by graaleraifiles Leave a comment. Posts navigation Upload to Graal. In order to upload to Graal, you will have to have an identified account. Steps to identifying your account can be found here. You can upload by following the links here: Classic. Era. Zone. Ol'West. Note: Some players find it possible to upload from a mobile device, rather than a PC Be patient and wait for the admins to check if the upload was successful. If you have any problems just give me a pm on Graal or you can also email me. My email is on the 'ABOUT' page. Hope this helped you guys< CaviGFX. All of the GFX on this site are either edited or original works. We do NOT claim credit for any of the heads and bodies found in their respective pages, excluding partial credit for the editing work and anything found in the Made From Scratch category - Feel free to upload, edit, recolor any of the graphics I post here, as long as you don't remove watermark when you are doing any of the listed.When editing, as long as the head looks nothing like the original, or is an actual major edit ( different hair, different eyes, different style , all are needed ) you may remove the water mark

iFiles - Graal gfx for uploads. Hi!This is where you can find graal upload heads/bodies vampy head;; re-make (non-extension version) All hair is from scratch, except face is from elgfx and gfxdiary.wp (teacupdolly), and ears are from graal. Fixed a lot of the shading/outline/shapes etc. I personally love the new version and would upload it for myself, but, I have no gralats haha

Uploading to Era- EraUpload Uploading to Classic- ClassicUpload Uploading to Zone- ZoneUpload Uploading to West- OlWestUpload Issues Uploading & Reasons/Tips: Uploading can be quite difficult due to the number of things that can go wrong. Make sure you are NOT using true white or black on heads. These colors make things transparent in-game. Hi, I actually quit graal and gfx and while back and completely forgot to inform yall,be safe out there yall<33-myura xx. Posted on May 1, 2021 by graaltae Posted in Heads Leave a comment Old personal heads, creds to qwerty. You can find both hair extensions on Qwertzy gfx Graal Era/Classic Editor. Bindi Heads. Posted on May 29, 2021 May 29, 2021 by fso. Leave a comment Nappy Fresh Cut. Posted on May 29, 2021 May 29, 2021 by fso. Leave a comment Unisex Head. Posted on May 29, 2021 by fso. Leave a comment Emo Backpack Kid. Posted on July 23, 2020 by fso. 1 Comment Warrior Girl

Hey, I'm back from the dead and with a new body upload for the guys cause I feel like shit that I can't a good male body. So here it is guys and anyone can use it so feel free to upload this! Yes, my watermark is on it as well as Eul's but I More New male body upload!! Previously Commissioned Files Pt. 2. Previously Commissioned Uploads. Straight Hair+Extensions. Elf Set. Welcome Momo-. Kitsune Inspired Set. Pigtail Sets. Original Set. Credits to Mithos for the bangs and body and OG head/extensions to dolli Player World creation. With the level editor and npc scripting features, you could construct and design your very own online world. The Graal engine allows for flexibility with just about everything. You could make a 2D online sidscroller, racing game, fighting game, and anything you can imagine. The versatile and easy to learn scripting. Credits go mostly to Moon Graal, i only recolored, changed bangs and grabs etc etc. sucrose 2. 13 January, 2021 13 January, 2021 ~ MrM ~ 2 Comments. someoen said female version of my last post, i didnt have anything to do, and it was quite of a lame edit, rip

0.63. July 7, 2021 ~ daisy ~ 2 Comments. Credits: The base head was one of Zara's personals, I saw the hair and thought it would look cool with extensions. Bangs were from Qwerty. Aaaand the sexy body from Jun! This was a huge edit, kind of. Making the extensions match in every frame was HARD, and so was finding a body that looked nice with. Male Bodies (GraalOnline) Share/Compartilhe: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window Hey! My name is Payton and here is some facts about meee; I love Cameron. -P.R.M.B.D.K-Are My Absolute, BAES. Graal Zone player (Late 2013) Started This site, Aug 7 and started posting Aug 8 Graal upload rules have definitely updated, and sometimes i do not completely understand it. I respect the possible reasons of such but sometimes i do not completely understand to why it is a rule. In this rejection of an upload, the head by PeachyBerrygfx is seen with a watermark on the DEATH frame

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Graal. Upload Site Here. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Home Girl Heads Boy Heads Girl bodies Boy Bodies. Direction: . Zoom: Zoom:. a simple graal customs. After so many many many years of not posting (just kidding), I noticed that many of graal era players like white hair color (do they really want it?) and many of boy players changing their uploads so I edit this head awhile ago and I hope to see this soon on graal, thank you I hope you like it! ^ March 30, 2013 at 1:32 pm. Hey Lucy or Sophie I like ur gfx word! And if they is a possible chance u could edit a punk body because sometimes I upload them they are either o big or seethrough or can't change colour so if u can edit one and put it on ur page that would be amazing! Well thanks

Graal Customs & Anime Art. RevolveGfx. Graal Era - Custom Uploads! AlvionitaGfx - Graal Edit - Goblin. Brooke. Rene. Heads and bodies. maxigfx. lifeagegfx. Be fearlessly authentic. rosesgfx. rosesgfx. if you dont like it dont upload it. Black Sinister. Customs for Everyone. upload <3; For all graal unicorns . Navigation des articles i thought about quitting many times but i never did now i do . i'll stay on graal but i guess gfx isn't for me :c i know people never read long text so i'll make it short: bye <3 but i might come back one day idk. omg Hiya! Today I'm gonna show you how to upload customs in just 3 easy steps! But first you need to remember that this costs gralets to do and requires a computer! Step 1: Find your look! Whether this is a head, body, or shield code you will want to look around for the perfect one GraalOnline Delteria Image Upload E-mail address or Device ID. Image. Race: Head (20,000 Gralats or 1 Head Upload Token) Body (10,000 Gralats or 1 Body Upload Token) Set Transparency This sets the transparent color as the same color in the top left corner of the image *If you have a upload token on your account it will use the upload token as.

Upload to Era Click the link->https://eraupload.graalonline.com You can either comment, email me ( BloodyMeowCake@gmail.com ) or message me on graal! Buh bye peeps have a nice day. Here is the template im using in the screenshot above in case you wanted to try making your own head. You can also email me your designs but only if you are okay with me publishing them to the site Here is your upload Kevin x.x. October 6, 2016. November 6, 2016 by ~OG Lilija~ ♥ 1 Comment. Honestly I think I can do way better but I had a time limit smh. some heads

Couple Heads. Credits are given in each individual posts. Do not forget to credit this website to appreciate our works too. Loading... One blogger likes this Visit the post for more. At the 24 head , can you make the head without the second face because graal era refused this head June 2016. 7. June 2016. after providing many bridal dresses, I want to provide some tuxedo now. This body was initially by ipink (someone took credits off, but I found out after making this post) and edited it. Also added a tie to make it look different from the original body

if you upload this set- the side views of the extensions and body do not align when you walk! I made this set in May, but I haven't uploaded it to my site because the extensions are kinda jacked. I posted on my Instagram (@Miyabi_Graal) that I have the files and said if anyone wanted it uploaded to contact me, but there's people who don't. Graal era ifile heads. Graal hats upload. Click on custom that you like it will open in new tab. Rock paper scissors is a game that can be earned from the rps king in graal city at abermoses house inside the bar. Gifanimated will have black back grounds click them to see their animations Graal Ol West GFX Battle! June 21, 2018. June 21, 2018. ~ GrayMadrazo. Okay, so I'm sure Ol West players already know, but there is a graphics battle currently and the theme this year is carnival! So far I've made 4 hats, which I plan on improving. To anyone else participating, I wish you the best of luck!! The last day is July 24, so. Upload To Graal. 1) save the picture of the head/body/shield template (right click, save picture as) 3)Enter your email, click browse and find the picture of the template. Do the rest of form thing. When you click upload, choose the head that has black hair with a yellow hair tie thing. Then press upload again Graal heads and bodies upload. Credits to. Qwertzilla. I forgot whose bangs I added to, so please comment down if its yours so I can give you credit >.<

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  1. Download the app puffin browser (free is fine) and search the graal uploading site on the app c: you can still save the head/body/file to your photos. :3. Reply ↓. Riley on January 20, 2016 at 7:25 pm said: Thx. Lucy on January 19, 2016 at 8:56 pm said
  2. Creation. Something that makes Graal very interesting is that you can create your own online game. You can become staff at a server and upload your own graphics, maps, add monsters or even create a new style of game. To make it possible for everyone to participate we created the possibility to rent your own playerworld space
  3. #DURecorderThis is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link: Android: https://goo.gl/s9D6MfiOS: http..

Graal Halloween heads. Halloween Heads! (Lucy) Posted on October 19, 2015 by lucygraal. As promised here are 48 new halloween heads, all gif!! I hope you'll like them ;D I edited from Gunner, Cttwins and Depot. I will try to make even more before the -50% off ends. Don't forget to check last year halloween heads too Here they are Uhhhhh, it would be great if you could at least pm me on graal if you do decide to upload any of these! I love seeing my heads in action on graal ^^. Pm Sunny (Sempre), you can find me by searching my guild Sempre. Posted in Female Heads Tagged Blink, Blonde, Blue eyes, Female Graal Heads, Gorgeous graal heads, Noob hea September 20, 2013. August 19, 2014. | xFolie. Hello, this is Folie from Graal. I play both classic and era. I'm in the gang Pirate on era. That's where you can contact me Making graal kawaii one edit at a time~ :3. It's been a while and I'm VERY sorry for leaving you guys and you probably think, Hey it's another dead GFX site where they constantly talk about coming back! and yeah you're sorta right but I've been doing a bit of poking around in gfx files and I found something pretty neat and had an Idea

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  1. Female Heads. P.S.please feel free to pm me if you want me to help you make any heads blink,add earrings/remove anything,ect.. [ from this site or other sites] and tell me your email and I'll send you the head
  2. All you need to do is pm me on Graal if you want an upload (i only upload when im on graal) and if you want a body indexed or extension color changed you email me the body at Kaleygraal1222@gmail.com and i will do it for you and send it back(: If you ask me for anything other than those 3 things I will ignore your pm or email, sorry to be so.
  3. new head update 2/24/13. im sorry for not posting any heads or bodys in a while but heres a new head please do not say you made it if your having trouble uploading it you can contact me in graal and i will upload it or can tell me the probelm and my i can help. -ipurple

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♡ Graal Depot's All In One Customs Viewer is a GREAT way to see what your upload will look like before you spend the 20,000 gralats on it! It even shows what the upload will look when your avatar is walking, sitting, pulling, etc Well, look no further and worry no more, because here are steps to upload your custom Gfx to your Graal account. First thing you need to know is, Head costs 20,000 gralats. Body costs 10,000 gralats. Personal Shield costs 2,500 gralats. Personal Sword costs 2,500 gralats. Public Shield costs 1,000 gralats Graal depot bear recolors. Recolored bear (#4) Here are the bodies that match those heads above. Evil-looking female cat sets. Edited from lyviagfx (did not erase her watermark :)) Custom cat heads. These heads I made by myself (so if you want to put it in your website, give credits to me thanks everyone)but the body is still from lyviagfx gon ahead n upload dat yk Rock dat bout dat time Get you a chain with it om makeing public shield soon sum Its comeing i promise gotta do a few things to this to om yk Out now go get dat! Light skins :V i got yall pm me on graal if u want the head edited Page two got girls Heads N Body go get da

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Welcome to BunnyLooGfx. November 11, 2017. September 23, 2018. JinJinGfx. Click or tap on those menus above to see all of my edits We are here to serve your needs. And if you'd like to see some new updates, click the button below Also, to anyone submitting summer items to any Graal: I wish you the best of luck, and feel confident! If they don't get approved, look at it as an opportunity to work on what your weaknesses are, and submit for the next holiday. Old Personals. May 27, 2019 May 27, 2019 ~ GrayMadrazo Where cute graal creations are made~ Menu Home; Hair Saloon. omg a male upload-take care of him rats. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Haha this site is dead but it's Christmas. November 22, 2019 ~ yum_yunaa ~ Leave a comment. so like, there's this bitch that made a reindeer head and edited a body from izaria

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Visit the post for more Ok I'll be back! I'm sure this time! Anyways I'll be back on the web! Now I'm working on sets nezuko from kimtsu no yaiba! if this nezuko set is successfully made! finally! thank you for still supporting my WTF web! Bad english! Note:-Dont Stole Anything from my web without credits or anything. From -Vic-. Back at 28/10 (My birthday Step 2: Go to the customize page and you will see various icons such as Upload to Classic, Upload to Era, etc. It depends on which Graal you want to upload. Please make sure you click the right icon. Anyways moving on, I'll go with Era. And select your file type. (Which ever you want to upload such as you head/body/shield/etc)

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Since 5/16/15 full of randomness. So middle parts have been really popular with males hair lately in real life, so I thought it would be a cool idea to demonstrate that idea onto a male upload Graal Uploading. Mar 6. Posted by MoGfx. Go to this website to upload your heads, bodies and/or shields. Have fun customizing them your own way and showing your style on the game. So heres the website Female Heads. Welcome to the Female Heads Section! All the customs here have been Edited/Made by us and us only, if you ever find any of our work on another website, it's not theirs. This page is so you can find female heads easier. If there are any problems leave a comment in the comment section. Credits are given at the Home Page

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2Hot2Handle. March 19, 2021. March 19, 2021. jigz22 Leave a comment. Hello! Greetings!!! my fellow CapaGraalians. Is it just me or is it getting hot by i mean hot damn i felt like im being roasted here in our country. Well this hotness surely can be salvage by this new outfit 2HOT2HANDLE. I made it just for you How to upload on Graal. I made this how-to because I've gotten asked to upload a thousand times, and you should know because it's dangerous to have strangers on Graal upload things for you, because they could hack you and stuff. 1. Make or pick a head/body/shield/sword that you want. 2 but unfortunately Graal still has thieves that steals other people's work. I'll be posting screenshots of the thieves' profiles here Feel free to report them, give them shame Thieve #1: A different looking Color-changeable hoodie *Set Transparency Before Uploading . classicbody2.png: File Size yes i upload it and it change color!!!!! Reply. Mina graal says: July 3, 2014 at 1:43 pm It works on all graal or just era? Reply. Em says: July 3, 2014 at 3:25 pm should work on all .

Use one of the following websites that you want to upload to. 5. Type in your Graal ID. 6. Click the button labeled Choose File and look for the custom file you want to upload. 7. Make sure you are online in Graal before uploading the custom! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates Graal GFX. Search. Home; Bodies (Male) Gfx Blogs; heads (female) Heads (Male) Upload To Graal (classic) Post navigatio Uploading Rules changed a lot over the years and any violated graphics will be removed and refunded without any prior warnings . Official Uploading Rules. You may not upload any graphics that are obscene, indecent, or controversial in nature. Any such material will result in a loss of uploading privileges and may lead to further punishment Welcome to Qwertzilla, a Graal custom based site. Please if you take anything from this site give a full credit. Thanks for visiting, please msg me with any ideas for this site (I mostly post on weekends so stay updated) Follow Blog via Email. Graal Online Upload

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Female Bodies. proper credits given in home page. Color changeable bodies. Non color changeable bodies Get online on Graal. When you upload something, you must be online. You can go offline after you initially upload it, though. Go to the appropriate uploading site; Enter the email associated with the account you want the upload on. If you are not identified on Graal, you cannot upload any customs

Super Sailor Moon with Holy Graal | Sailor Moon / UsagiCollection Folio 537 - Chrétien de Troyes - Perceval ou lLe CERVIN ou MATTERHORN ( altHollywood actor Neil Sandilands launches new song on the

I don't play graal anymore. I visit sometimes, but that barely happens. I know most of you have missed me . I was going to delete my site for good , but then I saw that some people still visit it, and get stuff from it. So, I'll just probably leave this site open for everyone ☺️. People come, and go Hello everyone. Over the past 2 weeks we have gathered suggestions and wishes of you guys regarding new upload rules. With those suggestions we have now updated our upload rules. Please take a look and give us feedback on them so we know if we missed anything. The upload rules will be made official this weekend. The following includes some additional informations for staffs Male Heads. Welcome to the Male Heads Section! All the customs here have been Edited/Made by us and us only, if you ever find any of our work on another website, it's not theirs. This page is so you can find male heads easier. If there are any problems leave a comment in the comment section. Credits are given at the Home Page 100's of heads, bodies, and more! Welcome! Always updating so keep checking back weekly so you don't miss anything = Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Starte