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  1. HOW IT WORKS Update - 10/2018 - New VCMTUNER II with automatic adjustment and full overtemp protection now available through the 'BUY' link. The most advanced VCM controller in the world. BACKGROUND Owners of Vehicles with 3.5L V6 Engines have had too many trips to the dealership for engine vibration issues related
  2. Deactivate Honda VCM in 3.5L V6 SOHC engines. The S-VCM Controller is an automobile grade, high precision tool that can reliably disable VCM 100% of the time, and would safely bypass in case the engine overheats. It does not use a fixed resistor or manually adjusted potentiometer, and is a much better solution than VCMuzzler, VCMTuner, MaxiLink, VCM Muzzler, VCM Suppressor
  3. Hi I am wondering what people's success rates are with vcm muzzler 2 installing it with the blue resistance 82 ohms how it comes shipped to you. I have read the instructions just wondering real world trials. Thanks in advance. Cylinder #1 misfire. Had new plugs at Honda less than a month..
  4. 2015 Odyssey EX. Joined Jun 4, 2015. ·. 2,429 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 13, 2018 (Edited) I decided to take the plunge and switch from the tried-and-true VCMuzzler to the newer S-VCM. Having had the VCMuzzler on our van for over two years now, I feel as though I thoroughly understand how it works and what an owner can expect on a.
  5. VCM Muzzler II cost own a 2013 Honda Pilot and began experiencing the VCM/ECO vibration/shudder several months ago. Would be very interested in the cost of your VCMMuzzler II. Save Share. The instructions make it so simple that anyone can do it. It walks you step by step... I don't see how anyone could mess it up
  6. VCMTUNER - Disable VCM / ECO for Honda Odyssey, Pilot, Accord & More. In 2013 a class-action lawsuit was filed against Honda, 1.6 million vehicles between 2008-2013 had been identified having potential for high oil consumption and misfires due to VCM Operation on 3.5L V6 Engines. Honda extended the warranty for these vehicles but did not.
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Since I made available the VCM Suppressor DIY Kit, many DIYers have taken advantage of it. Presently, with the help and request from many of them, I am working on an electronic version of the VCM Suppressor that can address the limitation of the resistor-method and deliver similar functions to the S-VCM Controller I have the orange sensor in my VCM Muzzler and the temp hovers right around 162 degrees. I have never had a check engine light at that temp. Go live data at the bottom of the screen, and tap on the gear circle at the top left of the screen, and select all.Then check the systems you want to be active. I think you can only choose around 6 items. I don't have my phone connected to the Blue. The VCMuzzler II is a simple device that can be installed and removed in minutes without cutting into the OEM harness at all. Simply plug and go. The VCMuzzler II works in conjunction with your Engine Coolant Temperature sensor to keep the engine control module from activating VCM mode. When installed and configured correctly, the VCMuzzler II.

Opinion: An Independent Mechanics statement on VCM and user of the VCMTUNER II since October 2018. Every one that I've seen has experienced the issue. Every one. I have ZERO customers who have a VCM Ody or Pilot that haven't experienced high oil consumption which was fixed by a Muzzler. The problem is most don't notice the consumption until. I would go so far as to say the VCM Muzzler is the best modification I've made to the Ridgeline to date. If I couldn't have found a way to make the engine stop the hunting and pecking between 3 and 6 cylinders I probably would have sold the truck. Yes, I've lost about 1 MPG but now the engine runs like an engine should Installing the VCMuzzler 2 on a 2016 engine. This should be the same for earlier engines as well. Variable Cylinder Management. VCM causes multiple problems. I put the muzzler on our 2015 Odyssey within a week or two of buying it new. Standard resistor. It stops the VCM almost completely. Similar to SF0059 I've only ever seen the ECO light come on a handful of times, when it's been very hot and we were in stop and go traffic

The S -VCM Controller is far more superior than the resistor-based tools, because it is Smarter , Safer and Solid. SMARTER - No need to swap or manually adjust resistors. The S-VCM Controller will always reliably disable VCM in summer and winter, regardless where you live, Florida or Alaska VCM muzzler arrived quickly. Package was well presented with clear instructions including pictures. I was done installing the part within 5 mins or less. Took the Pilot for a ride and it felt as if I was driving a different vehicle. I'm glad and relieved after installing the muzzler. I was ready to trade in the 14 pilot for a 16

VCMTUNER ADD-ON ADAPTER for VCMUZZLER II. If you already own a VCMUZZLER II and need additional adjustment options you can use VCMTUNER to plug into your existing VCMUZZLER II Harness. Does not work with VCMUZZLER I. This includes everything you need to convert your VCMUZZLER II to a VCMTUNER. Instructions contain recommended winter/summer/hot. Hi all, Selling my used VCM MUZZLER II. $100 CAD Shipped with tracking to Canada and USA.. Item is located in Langley, BC. Payment via paypal 100% complete with instructions and all resistors. Only ever needed the pre-installed blue one. Selling as I am picking up my new 2019 Touring 2.0.. The VCMii Muzzler needs to be installed on a cold engine, but can be turned on/off by connecting its green wire to ground, via a on/off switch, in the OP's example. Honda's VCM system works great, on the Interstate, but offers too many clunks when driving in the city, for me. $120 VCM Tuner vcm ii muzzler for 3.5L Honda older than 2007. L This product is designed as a diagnostic tool. The user assumes all risks of installation and use. Maxilink, Digital Overdrive Systems, it's owners, dealers and assigns shall not be held liable for any loss of any kind and only guarantees a refund of purchase price Installation video for VCMTUNER II. Plug and Play. For your 2005+ Honda/Acura vehicles including Odyssey, Pilot, Accord, Ridgeline, Acura MDX RDX TLX. Dis..

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  1. AST Smart ECO VCM ModulesFree Shipping for ALL 50 U.S. States. AST Smart ECO VCM Modules help remove the ECO mode of your engine so you are always running full power with all 6 cylinders. Hondas VCM Technology has been shown to cause problems with spark plugs, seals and piston rings
  2. Buy AST Smart ECO VCM Spark Plug Saver, Muzzler, Controller, Compatible with Honda Odyssey [2007-2017] Accord [2008-2017] Pilot [2009-2017] Acura RLX, MDX [2014-2017] RDX [2013-2017] MDX [2014-2017] SC1: Spark Plugs - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase
  3. I do experience some rare engine vibration on my 2019 ExI when shifting on low rpm(2000). I am not sure if it is the VCM that causes the vibration. I read a lot about VCM and to be honest I am a bit confused. People on the thread seems not to like having a VCM and they have installed this so called VCM muzzler or disabling the VCM

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Live. •. The MaxiLink Diagnostic Tool can STOP all these problems in most cases, within minutes, by disabling or inhibiting the VCM activation on your vehicle. Get the Maximum performance of your V6 3.5L engine with MaxiLink. Read through our pages if you are interested in reclaiming your Honda from the VCM related problems But when I looked for videos on installing an S-VCM de... I have found several YouTube video very helpful in the past to resolve some problem or project I had. But when I looked for videos on.

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for S-VCM Controller - a better alternative to VCM Muzzler, VCMtuner VCMuzzler Honda at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Theoretically, suppressing VCM can obtain some benefits under the assumption that the related potential issues c ould be avoided. However, Honda did not provide an official way of disabling VCM (they choose to improve the VCM technology instead), and the cons of disabling it still exist. 1. The VCM is part of a tight and complex drivetrain system

Before, your only options were to use aftermarket devices such as VCMTuner II, VCM Muzzler II, and S-VCM to keep the VCM turned off, but those were all hardware you had to install. But turning it off via software seems like the better approach, assuming it works long-term with no issues 3/8/2021 Mileage Update 91,783.A review of the VCM Muzzler II installed on my 2014 Honda Odyssey after 5 years and over 70,000 miles of use. Honda's VCM (Va.. Car so nice, bought twice. Joined Oct 3, 2012. ·. 4,057 Posts. #9 · Jun 17, 2018. S-VCM is on paper a better solution and the one I have on the way. It's closed-source, but my guess is that it adds a microcontroller on top of a variable resistor to be more flexible than a fixed resistor that VCMuzzler or others use

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  1. Item specifics Condition: New with tags Displayed Make: Honda Brand: VCMuzzler Manufacturer Part Number: VCMuzzler II VCMuzzler II to Disable / muzzle VCM Honda Pilot vehicles VCM Muzzler delete 2 Price : 89.87 Ends on : View on eBa
  2. e, with zero issues. If I was buying again, I would most likely go with the VCM Turner II, but for now will stay with my muzzlers. Here is a discussion on the VCM Tuner II at the Ody Club
  3. 2,907 Posts. #7 · May 27, 2019. EbonyGraph said: According to Acura, VCM is triggered at speeds above 18 mph not just at highway speeds. My MDX, frequently switches to VCM mode even while driving in my neighborhood. I can feel the car vibrate and makes rattle sounds (I think when it tries to switch back to 6 cyl mode)
  4. NEW 2020 AST VCM Muzzler, ECO Controller, Honda Pilot Accord Odyssey, Acura, SC3. FULLY PASSIVE DESIGN - DUAL SENSORS - THERMAL CUTOFF. Brand New. C $112.30. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. +C $24.28 shipping estimate
  5. As engine rpm builds past 5,350 rpm, the i-VTEC system transitions to a high-lift, long-duration intake cam profile for superior high-rpm engine power. VCM Operation. To help improve the fuel efficiency of the Ridgeline engine, a new variation of Honda's Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) is used
  6. Honda Odyssey VCM issues. I have a friend who has Honda Odyssey 2014 with 100K miles on it. Today he had an issue where the van was loosing power after certain high speed. When he took the van to dealer, they said that some cylinder pistons and rings need to be changed. Upon investigation of internet he found that the problem has been there for.

2017 Sport Hybrid with VCM, VCM Muzzler, and pricing questions. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 28 of 28 Posts. Prev. 1; 2; First 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. mrgold35 · Registered. Joined Aug 14, 2007 · 3,309 Posts #21 · 7 mo ago. Other than looking at the tach, 100% invisible.. I read the threads about VCM muzzlers. I was hoping I wouldn't need one but the juddering was too annoying so I recently tried the S-VCM muzzler. I can happily say the juddering stopped immediately and the truck runs the way I hoped it would when I bought it used in January 2021 (2018 Touring) The difference is striking My sig accord has VCM and used a tiny bit of oil, but since putting a VCM muzzler on it there has been no noticeable consumption, of course my gen Accord is an early iteration and was known for issues, still, it's a million times smoother and better to drive without VCM robbing it of the on-demand power on the highway Get the best deals for vcm muzzler at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items

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240 results for vcm muzzler ii. Save this search. 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. See search results that fit your vehicle. Select Vehicle. Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster. VCMuzzler II to Disable / muzzle VCM Honda Acura vehicles VCM Muzzler delete 2 Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) is a technology introduced by Honda on its V6 engines to improve EPA fuel efficiency numbers. It involves using the PCM to shut down cylinders at cruising conditions. During VCM, the valves to deactivated cylinders are disabled, along with the spark and fuel supply The answer to both questions is: Yes. The Sprint Booster or the VCM Muzzler do not have any history of causing engine failures or problems. On the other hand, the VCM Muzzler will cause less vibration in the engine and longer engine life. Both devices will also cause slightly poorer gas mileage I know some others on Piloteers.org that use VCM Muzzler II. The risk in my opinion is minimal. Some fear these devices because they might mask an overheating condition. That statement is partly true in that, if you did have an overheating condition, the device may make diagnosing what's causing the overheating condition more difficult since it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AST Smart ECO VCM Spark Plug Saver, Muzzler, Controller, Compatible with Honda Odyssey [2007-2017] Accord [2008-2017] Pilot [2009-2017] Acura RLX,MDX [2014-2017] RDX [2013-2017] MDX [2014-2017] SC1 at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

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Tell us more about the VCM Muzzler I've heard of these things. And I understand that this (the VCM) was a HUGE problem with the older CTs. Mine (2015) seems to operate smoothly, unlike the old Cadillac V8-6-4 that came out in the 70's Contact Information - Victory Capital - investor.vcm.com. By email, fax, or mail: [email protected] Fax: +1 833-934-1608. View our mailing addresses. View instructions for mailing a check. DA: 16 PA: 11 MOZ Rank: 28. Investor.vcm.com Go UR Engine Taps/Raps Loudly When Going Into VCM Mode, or the MIL Comes On With DTC(s) P0301 Thru P0306 SYMPTOM When the engine goes into VCM mode, it makes a loud tapping or rapping noise. In addition, the MIL may Using the instructions in steps 4 and 5, remove the exhaust rocker shaft and the exhaust rocker arms. 7. Remove and retain the lost.

Install the fastest USB charger on the market. Charge your smartphones, tablets, and laptops up to 40% faster than 3-5A USB chargers, while enjoying the added power convenience of Tamper-Resistant outlets that meet NEC« requirements. Industry-leading charging capacity of 6.0A, shared between both ports. Protects children: patented shutter system helps prevent improper insertion of foreign. If you purchased a 2008-2012 Honda Accord, 2008-2013 Honda Odyssey, 2009-2013 Honda Pilot, 2010-2011 Honda Accord Crosstour or 2012 Honda Crosstour equipped with a 6-cylinder engine with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM-2), you could be eligible to receive compensation for repairs or a warranty extension

Honda will then upgrade the TL also. I vote 3.5 Avtec with Vcm. The US diesel is a 2.4 not the 2.2 from uk. Honda just can't get it ready for the 2008 my as we all would like. It had to be larger for the US market because most will be autos not manual Open the VCM Scanner software. Go connect the RTD to your OBD-II port on the vehicle. Connect the USB cable to the RTD and to your PC Laptop. Ensure you have an internet connection or else the RTD won't be able to sync to HPT's servers. Select the .XML config file emailed to you with the instructions OR attached at the bottom of this page. VCMUZZLER II TO Disable / muzzle VCM on Honda Acura vehicles VCM Muzzler delete - $114.88. FOR SALE! UPDATE: Orders will continue to be shipped out on time. At this 17280775610

VCMuzzler II to Disable / muzzle VCM on Honda Acura vehicles VCM Muzzler delete. This warranty covers any defects or malfunctions in your new VCMuzzler II. TheVCMuzzler II is a simple device that can be installed and removed in minutes without cutting into the OEM harness at all. What is VCM, and why do I want to disable it?. The seals in the engine wear down, and oil slowly leaks into your combustion chamber and prematurely destroys the plugs. AST Smart ECO VCM Spark Plug Saver, Muzzler, Controller, Honda Odyssey SC1 | eBa Bravo Company MFG, Inc. PO Box 361. Hartland WI, 53029. E info@bravocompanyusa.com. P (877) 272-8626 (BravoCo) F (262) 367-0989

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  1. Get a VCM muzzler for it. Reactions: AutoMechanic, trhccrn, AJB0009 and 7 others. Z. zfasts03. Messages 553 Location Phila, PA. Jul 18, 2018 #6 My `06 EXL Odyssey with cylinder deactivation holds 4 3/4 quarts to bring it to the full line for an oil change with filter. I have run everything from 0w-20 to 5w-30 and others run 0w-40 with success
  2. In February 2013, my wife and I purchased a 2010 Honda Accord (V-6, 3.5L Variable Cylinder Management) from a Honda dealer in Tysons Corner, VA. At purchase, the car had 28,546 miles and the factory warranty was, and still is, in effect. After several months, I noticed that I was having to add a quart of oil about every 1,000 miles. I did not see any oil on my driveway pavement. In June, the.
  3. I wanted buy a new Honda Odyssey, but their quality control seems to have dropped recently, side sliding doors that come open, VCM Muzzler issues, auto trans problems, etc. I choose the Sienna because it looks almost like the old Honda and I like the boxy shape, it won't lose it's style in a few years or model body changes like these.
  4. Now what this VCM Muzzler does is to 'trick' your cars ecu/computer into believing your car is still running ~2 degrees centigrade lower than the recommended one for the car thereby not allowing the cars computer to activate the vehicles VCM functions at all
  5. ator can improve engine performance, engine vibration, possible motor mount failure and excessive oil consumption. ü ü 5 Resistor Plugs (included) that allow you to easily change the level of VCM Suppression
  6. You can see S VCM flat lines coolant between 163 & 165 88% of the time. Then, when climbing the hill to my neighborhood, with engine under additional load, temp (appears to) suddenly - unnaturally rises to 188 and beyond - and I observe ECO engage. At the hilltop, temp suddenly drops to 165-ish and ECO disappears
  7. The lawsuit includes Accord (2008-12), Odyssey (2008-13), Pilot (2009-13) and Crosstour (2010-13) models equipped with the 3.5-liter V6 with Variable Cylinder Management, which might experience.

VCM is discussed ad nauseum on other forums like the Ridgeline forum. Some feel it will destroy their engine, some don't notice it. In addition to the Muzzler there is another defeat device called S-VCM which easily hooks up to the battery for a power source and is supposedly better (avoids resistor choice). All that said, there are VCM Odysseys with high miles, without the Muzzler, with no problems at all. I think (my theory) is that, besides rings, how a vehicle like an Odyssey is used makes a big difference. A household using one for lots of short trips with the VCM engaging and disengaging constantly is probably worse than those use for mostly.

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