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To repost a video to your Instagram Story, tap the paper plane icon underneath the video post you want to share. There's no built-in way to repost Instagram videos to your profile — you'll need to.. To share an Instagram post, IGTV video, or your own Story outside of the app — via text or email, on another social network, or anywhere else — follow these steps. 1. On the post you wish to share,.. When you share an IGTV video to Instagram Story, it is normal that all your followers will only see an image. Share other people's Instagram Story videos and see if you can make it play. Make Instagram Story Video Play Method 2 - Share Only Videos! Now, Instagram allows people to share multiple photos and videos to one Instagram Story In this video I am going to show you how to share YouTube link on Instagram story!------ Get more Instagram followers here: https://freewaysocial.com/buy-i..

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A video can be uploaded on Instagram as a post, story of an IG TV video. Stories will last only a day while posts and IG TV videos will last till you remove it. How the video can be posted on Instagram will also depend on the size of the video. Now you are ready to post a YouTube video on Instagram Click the Open Instagram link to be taken to your main feed. Find the video you want to share and click the ellipsis button. This will open a menu where you need to click Copy Link. After that is copied, swap back over to the Repost app Launch the Instagram app and navigate to the post you'd like to share to your Story. Use the magnifying lens icon to search for friends or public posts. Or, tap on your profile icon to access your posts, and browse for the image you'd like to use. Sure, you can also do that from your feed Launch the CutStory app and tap on Video Select the video you want to trim Tap the download button to the bottom right corner of the screen and select Instagram Stories Wait for the videos to be trimmed and processed and it will automatically save it to your phone's camera rol Take a video or photo for your Story Click the link icon at the top of the screen in the app Add the URL of what you'd like to link Share with your followers and the world

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The first limitation is that Instagram will not allow you to share someone else's story unless you are tagged in that story.Unfortunately, there is no way around this, at least as of right now Another option is to upload multiple video clips to be shared as a single video. To do this, just pick a video, tap Next, and then tap the Trim button at the bottom of the screen. Here you can either trim the video by tapping the already selected video. Or you can tap the + icon to pick more clips to be added to your Instagram video

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To share a YouTube video on Instagram story: Copy the YouTube URL as it is shown in the picture Paste it to any YouTube downloader apps or tools and download the video to your mobile phone gallery Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture on the top left of the home pag To share an IGTV video to your story from the Instagram app: Open the IGTV video you'd like to share to your story. Tap . Tap Add video to your story. You can also add text, stickers or filters. When you're ready to share it, tap Send To. Next to Your Story, tap Share then tap Done. Once the video is shared to your story, your viewers will be. You can share Instagram posts to Story. You can do this with your own post and share Instagram posts as an Instagram Story posts or you can share anyone els.. This opens the video. Click the URL in the address bar. It's the long web address in the bar at the top of the screen. This highlights the address. Press ⌘ Cmd + C (macOS) or Control + C (Windows). This copies the highlighted URL to the clipboard. Go to the message or post on which you want to share this video

With more than a billion monthly users, Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media channels out there. What used to be an app for sharing images with your friends and family is now a robust platform where you can post videos as well. You can do so in your feed, via the Story feature, or using IGTV—Instagram's companion app. . Video is one of the most powerful methods for. Method 1: Splitting a Video on iPhone. The preferred app on iOS to split up a video for your Instagram story is Continual, but that will run you a cool $8. Instead, I suggest the free CutStory by LLC Sport Star Management. While it does put a small watermark on your video, you can't beat free, plus you can remove it for just $0.99 To add music to your Instagram Stories click the camera icon at the top of your screen and swipe up. Next, select the Music sticker. From there you are able to search songs by name, mood or genre Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device and locate the Instagram post you want to share. Tap the paper airplane icon > Add post to your story. If you don't see Add post to your story, either the account isn't public or they've disabled post resharing. The post now appears embedded in a new Instagram story Create an Instagram Story or create a post. Remember, you can share longer videos in Instagram Stories vs posts, even though you can only upload 15-second clips at a time. You can upload 15-seconds of video at a time if you decide to create an Instagram Story, so if you create multiple Stories, you can include more than 15 seconds of the.

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  1. To do that in Video Get, start playing the video, then click on the share icon in the bottom menu. Next, click on Save to camera roll. If you're prompted, the best video format for Instagram is MP4. 2
  2. Add old photos, videos to Instagram Story on Android. On Android, file timestamps can be changed to the current date and time simply by a file transfer operation. Thus, you can use an old photo or video on your Instagram Story, just by transferring the file to another random location
  3. Step 5: Share your video to Instagram! Add a caption, tag people, add a location, and you're good to go. Just tap Share and your video will be added to your Instagram feed. How to repost a video on Instagram. Instead of sharing your own video to Instagram, you may be looking to repost a video created by someone else on Instagram

Option 1: Cut Your Video into Shorter Clips. Instagram stories only allow 15-second video clips, whereas you can post one minute videos on your feed. If you have a longer video that you want to post, your best bet will be to cut the video up into short sections: If it's for an IG story, cut the video into 15-second clips and post them one. Instagram has long-resisted easily resharing content. While it's been testing a regram feature for a long time, it still lags behind apps such as Twitter and Facebook when it comes to resharing content. But while Instagram is a bastion of original material, there is a feature in place for you to reshare stories from those you follow. Your friends can reshare your stories too To share your Reel to your Instagram Story, select the 'Stories' tab from the top panel. Now tap 'Share' next to 'Your Story'. Tap 'Done' at the bottom to complete the process. The Reel will be added to your Instagram Story. You can view it by tapping the Story button in the top left corner of the app How to share an Instagram Story. To share a photo or video to your story, follow these steps: Tap the + icon in the top left corner and select Story in the bottom right of your screen, or just. 1. Upload a photo or video to your story on Instagram. 2. In the Story editor, click on the chain icon in the top right of the Story page. 3. Click on the add URL button. 4. Paste or type the URL that you would like to include in your story. 5. Click the Done button to confirm and add the link to your story

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Instagram has many interesting features. One of them is the ability to share posts from your feed to stories.Interestingly, you can share your own and someone else's posts to your stories. While. 3 Ways to Share on Instagram. Before we jump in, let's point out the fact that Instagram is basically three platforms in one. Instagram Feed/Profile - Great for posting 60-second, square-sized video clips; Instagram Stories - Great for 20 to 60-second, vertical video clip The only way to tell if a user reshared your post to their Instagram story is by using the in-app post sharing feature. If all that seems a little confusing to you, don't worry Open Instagram and select the photo or video that you want to repost. Hit the Share icon right below the post > tap Add Post to Your Story > tap Your story. Follow these steps to repost from a. Share to Instagram. Tap the up arrow at the top corner of your screen. Select the Instagram option. A prompt to post will open. Choose between adding it to your Story or Feed. Post your design as you'd like

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  1. Open Instagram on your phone. Swipe right to open the Story camera. Take a pic or record a video. Edit your pic or video using the tools on screen. Select Next and then Your Story to publish it. You don't have to take a new pic or video. You can use one from your camera roll if you already have something ready
  2. Instagram is a free photo & video sharing app owned by Facebook. As of now, Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users. Apart from photo & video sharing, Instagram offers many other features like Reels, IGTV, Stories, etc. Out of all Instagram features, the stories seem to be the most popular
  3. Your brand's Instagram Story is the perfect place to engage followers, promote new products, and increase your brand's awareness. After all, more than 500 million users watch Instagram Stories daily. So if you're not using the feature as part of your social media strategy, you're potentially leaving a lot of money on the table
  4. Install Easy Downloader for Instagram app. After installing the app all you need is the link to the Instagram video. For that, open the Easy Downloader app and tap on the Instagram icon at the top. This will take you to the Instagram app where you can tap on the 3 dots menu at the top right of the desired post and select Copy Share URL

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5. Next, 'Instagram Stories' Spotify also allows you to share music with other applications. To publish on the photo sharing platform, just click on Instagram Stories A second way to share Facebook Page posts to Instagram is to use Hootsuite. First, you'll want to connect your Facebook Page and your Instagram account in Hootsuite. Then within Hootsuite, create a new stream. For example, you might call it Facebook Page and Instagram. This way it is easy to recognize • Share it out: Upload directly to your Instagram or Facebook account within the Hyperlapse app. You can also save your video and upload it to your Instagram Story. • Bonus tip: Before capturing the video, you can quadrupole tap the screen with four fingers to reveal a secret menu. From there you can choose your video resolution, frame rate. Snapchat started the Stories trend on social media platforms, but Instagram took them to the next level, adding sharing features, polls, visual editing options, and archived highlight reels.. However, if you want to include anything other than just your photo or video, or you want to frame a picture or video on a background canvas, Instagram only gives you one option: its auto-generated color.

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  1. That's why saving an Instagram story can be a game-changer. Whether it's a funny meme, great design inspiration, or even a cute video, some things need to be saved. Using The Story Saver App On Android. One of the best ways to save Instagram stories on Android devices is by using the Story Saver app
  2. 2. Sharing a private TikTok video - Open TikTok and tap on + icon. - Hold the red button to record a video or upload a video from your gallery. - Once you are done editing the video, tap on Next. - Select the Private in the Who Can View This Video section. - Go to your profile page and select the private TikTok video you want to share to Instagram
  3. If you're using Instagram for your business, you're probably more than familiar with Instagram Stories. Whether you use it to talk directly to your followers, alert followers of a new Instagram post, share a quote or photo of significance, or doing a quick repost of content from other accounts, Instagram Stories are a tremendous tool for your business
  4. By tapping that icon, artists can share the song and its Canvas to Instagram Stories. The post will look like a regular Spotify share, with cover art and a link to play the track on Spotify
  5. 3. When the app generates the story, you'll be taken to Instagram. Tap on the 'Your Story' button to share it. What I like about Apple Music's implementation of lyrics sharing is the attention to detail. When your Instagram followers press the 'Play on Apple Music' option, they'll be taken to the exact timestamp of the line you.
  6. While you can share video posts also as your story, note that it will appear as a photo. The video won't play on your story. As with every feature on Instagram this one also comes with the option to turn it off. Simply go to your settings menu on Instagram and scroll down to the option that says Allow Resharing to Stories
  7. To share your live Instagram video for 24 hours, you need to go live first. Go ahead and broadcast to the world. When you're done, end the live transmission. The end screen now gives you the option to share the video. The save option is still there if you want to save the video to your camera roll. Tap Share and your video will be made.
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Platform updates roll out at a fairly fast and furious pace, so it's possible you might have missed the ability to go hands-free in your Instagram Stories. If you haven't been using it and you do a lot of video sharing in your Instagram Stories- or would do more if you didn't have to pressMor 2. When uploading to your Instagram Story, click the icon at the top right that looks like a chain. 3. Click +URL to add a link to a web page. This will allow you to designate which link to add to your Story. If you were interested in linking your Story to your IGTV video, you could choose that option instead. 4 Start Instagram on your device, Locate the content of your interest, Press the ellipsis located in the upper right corner of the content, Select the item Copy link from the menu that opens. Then start Repost: For Instagram, Press on the image or preview of the video you previously copied the link 5. Repeat step 1 to 4 as many times as needed to include all the answers that you want to share in your Story (make sure that you add the most recent image/video in the background of your Story every time). Click 'Your story' (bottom left of your screen) when you're ready to share. And voilà Just remember, you can only share a feed post to your story if the account that shared the original post is public! Go and use these Instagram Story hacks! There you have it! With these Instagram Story hacks, you'll be able to make your organic Instagram Stories stand out against others. Get creative and try combining different aspects, and.

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OPTION B: Download an entire days' worth of Instagram Stories. If you want to save your Instagram story in its entirety, this step by step will show you how to download an entire Instagram story video (from one 24h period) that you can save, watch back, etc Instagram users can also share grid posts to their Instagram Story, and if you share a post from someone's personal Instagram feed, they'll be notified of it. You can control whether or not IG.

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Instagram Stories let you create and share multiple photos, videos, polls, and other content that is put together in a slideshow format for your followers to watch over the course of 24 hours. Using Instagram Stories is essential to growing an engaged following on Instagram, and reposting Stories is a great way to build up your community There's no doubt you probably want to share an Instagram Story about something you've written, drawn, created, or deeply care about. That usually means you've got a link to go along with it Posting videos on Instagram does not require any prior knowledge in tech or special skills. It is as easy as A B C. The aforementioned methods are sure to answer all your questions on how to post a video on Instagram as well as how to add videos to Instagram. Do well to check them out and leave us your feedback. We will love to hear your story Before sharing a photo or video to Instagram Stories, you can draw on and add some color to it to make it more interesting. Just tap the marker icon at the top of the screen to access the drawing. When you share a post to your Instagram story, Instagram will add a different colored background, which you can adjust. To change it, tap the pencil icon and choose your new color. Next, tap and hold the current background color of the post to replace it with the new color. This piece by the Social Media Examiner shows exactly how this works

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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram Stories allow you to share multiple videos and photos taken throughout the day, complete with overlays of doodles and stickers, like Snapchat Stories.This slideshow reel. Featuring real people on your Instagram Story, whether it's a photo of your executive team having fun in the office or a quick video interview with one of your customers raving about your products, is a way to (literally) put a face to your brand—which can help to create a more personal relationship with your followers To do so, open the Instagram app, tap on the Profile tab at the bottom, and then hit the Reels tab. Inside the Reels tab, tap on the Drafts box which will open up to show all the Reels that you have saved on Instagram. Tap on the Reels video you want to edit and when the 'Share' menu appears, tap on the 'Edit' button at the top right. Click the airplane share icon. Tap Add post to story. The Instagram Story will appear in edit mode with the post's photo embedded in the center. If you tap the post, it will change the design and offer the first few words from the caption. Add what you'd like to the Story and then tap Your Story to post it

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Simply open your Story, tap the three dots at the bottom right of the photo or video and tap Share as Post. You can then add filters, captions and locations to jazz it up a little After you've finished, your IGTV video link will appear as a swipe up link in your Instagram story. Instagram ads. Add a clickable link to an Instagram ad if you're willing to pay for it. View an example of a sponsored ad on my Instagram feed in the video above. If I click on the arrow that says 'apply now', it takes me to the landing page Step 3: Share the Video on Instagram. Now that my video is uploaded to Google Drive, I can share it directly to Instagram. To do this I'll select my clip in the app and then choose Send a Copy. Now I can choose to share the video as a regular Instagram post or as an Instagram story To share someone's post to your story, follow these 5 steps: Step 1: When you tag a user in your story @mention, sharing is initiated. Step 2: A pop-up will appear saying, 'mentioned users may repost this story for 24 hours.' Instagram Reels is a short-form video feature similar to TikTok. You can use a pre-recorded video or film a new one using your Reels camera. Videos display in portrait mode and can range from three to 15-seconds in length. Although more succinct than 60-second TikTok videos, a Reel is much longer than a four-second Instagram Boomerang video

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Here are the 5 methods on how to save and download Instagram stories: Save stories in a web-based app. Archive stories in your Instagram app. Manually download specific stories in your Camera roll. Save stories in 'Highlights'. Share story as a post Instagram's new video function will undoubtedly provide the world with some clips worth sharing (and probably some clips nobody should ever, ever see, but that's another story). And if you. Sharing an Instagram post as part of a Story. While you can't share another user's post in your own Instagram feed as a standalone post, you can share it as part of an Instagram Story. Rather than an actual post, though, it becomes a sticker. This is a new feature just released in May 2018, and it appears to be sticking around - at least. (Image credit: Instagram) Sharing someone's post to your Instagram story is thankfully a lot easier than reposting. Simply tap the arrow icon located next to the comment bubble, tap 'Add post.