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Whether you're stuck inside from the rain or just looking for new crafts to try, Crayola rainy day crafts for kids and adults are the best place to start. Browse DIY easy rainy day craft ideas here Rainy days can make anyone restless, but especially young children who have lots of energy. When it's pouring outside, make playing inside fun with these super simple rainy day crafts. Most of these projects need minimal supplies and a lot of the items are things you likely already have in your pantry or art supply stash Nothing's better for a rainy day than puttin' on a show — and that's exactly why we can't get enough of this cool homemade puppet theater featured on BKids Crafts. To get started, Mom Kayanna says that you'll want to have an empty cereal or cracker box on hand, along with scissors, glue, an X-ACTO knife (for Mom or Dad's use), coloring. Finding things for kids to do inside the house can be a challenge on rainy days! They always ask to do something fun but it's hard to keep coming up with new ideas. This list of cute rainy day crafts and activities is a great source of fresh ideas for you to fall back on. I've done my best to find activities that are fun not only for the kids, but for the grown ups as well

With spring approaching, we are ready to dive into some rain themed arts, crafts and play. If you are looking for some fun rainy ideas too, check out some of these fun and amazing ideas. Whether you are looking to paint a picture of the rain or paint a picture using the rain, we have an idea for you. Rainy Day Window Art via Munchkins and Mom Jun 13, 2021 - Explore Theresa Frank's board Crafts for rainy days, followed by 744 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about crafts, rainy days, rainy day crafts Easy Crafts for Kids. I love the sun peeking out from behind this cute paper plate rain cloud craft. Easy Peasy and Fun. Print out the free rainy day silhouettes, and your preschoolers will be on their way to creating an amazing work of rainy day art. Adventure in a Bo I Have Gone to Rainy Day Art Supply for Over 40 Years. I have gone to Rainy Day art supply for over 40 years. They have been helpful and have LISTENED and helped me. My framing has always matched the art I brought in and I thank them for that. This art store is managed by artists themselves who understand Rainy Day Collage. You don't need to make this Rainy Day Collage only on a rainy day, it's a great craft for spring time or when learning about the weather. A great craft for Preschoolers and kindergarteners! Felt and fabric applique. Might need to help with the scissors and sewing with younger crafters

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  1. Rainy Day Activities for Teens. 41. Teach them to play poker. 42. Have an all-day movie marathon. 43. Help reorganise their room. 44. Cook a new recipe together. 45. Learn some origami e.g. hopping origami frogs. 46. Watch a horror film together. 47. Introduce them to your 1980s or 1990s playlists. 48. Have a pillow fight. 49. Make s'mores in.
  2. Rainy Day Fun — 7 Modern Art Projects for Kids. April 24, 2013 by Valerie. Tweet. Share. Pin. Know what's fun to do on a rainy day? Modern art! Here are seven of our all-time favorite modern art projects for kids to do using common household items or easy to find art supplies. I love how all of these projects encourage kids to create their.
  3. These rainy day crafts will keep your kiddos (and you!) occupied, while it's splashy outside. Hey, you might even look forward to the next storm! 1. DIY Play Dough. image via diyprojects. Kids love play dough — it's fact. Make some for little ones to play with on rainy days. Playdough is super simple to make, using only 4 ingredients
  4. Rainy days might keep you from your favorite outdoor activities, but that is no excuse to spend the day in front of the TV. With your DIY skills and the right tools, you can do a number of rainy day projects that can be both fun and productive.. Some of these fun DIYs to do at home are great for spending a little time with your kids, and others might be a good opportunity to get a little.
  5. Electrical wire provides a sturdy base for this project. Make it: Washi Tape Bracelets. The kitchen in the Severns home has been opened up and expanded. Where there was a breakfast nook, there is now another set of french doors, creating a third entrance to the home. A wall between the kitchen and living space has come down
  6. Rainy Day Activities the Kids Will Love! #1. Hold an Indoor Treasure Hunt. Confined to the house? You can still have a fun treasure hunt adventure, and our free indoor treasure hunt sheet has a selection of things to do, ideas for things to find and fun activities to help pass the time!. All you have to do is provide each child with their printed treasure hunt and a small box, bag or basket to.
  7. dlessly through Facebook? We need some f un things to do on a rainy day for adults. Am I right? I have scrolled the internet to find 75+ of the best rainy day activities for adults that I could find. I'll be honest

Rainy Day Crafts and Activities 1. Raindrop Suncatcher. source: pre-kpages.com. Use blue crayons to make these pretty raindrops and they will be ready to catch the sun when it shows itself. 2. Rain & Wind Process Art. source: playtolearnpreschool.us 1. Blustery Day Cowl Pattern. Break out the crochet hooks! Making this Blustery Day Cowl Pattern is a lovely way to spend a rainy day. It's stylish, warm, and would make a great handmade gift. Get This Project. 2. Yarn Wrapped Tornado Craft. Don't let stormy skies get you down Rainy Day Crafts For Kids - Fun on a Stormy Day. Spring is here and soon hopefully spring showers. Soon the spring rain will make everything green and new. I love spring with warmer weather and new flowers. I have a list of fun rainy day crafts and activities to keep everyone busy on rainy days Kids will love this fun-to-make rainy day craft using a fun bleeding tissue paper art technique! It is simple to make this beautiful bleeding tissue paper craft that uses a spray bottle or rain to make a stugging craft in the rain with this rain craft.This spring craft for kids has endless options for more beautiful art projects to make in the rain

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  1. Rainy Day Gummy Fun. Pink and Green Mama features a neat recipe for making homemade gummy candy and this is one rainy day activity that will be sure to leave everyone smiling!. Mom Marylea says that her kids made these fun Jell-O treats during a day of Daddy Camp -- awww. Only requiring a handful of ingredients such as Jell-O, gelatin, and water, these homemade yummy gummy candies are super.
  2. 12 Arts & Crafts Projects To Keep Around The House For A Rainy Day. Indigenous children's remains turned over from Army cemetery. Mitch McConnell Laughs Off Trump's 'Old Crow' Insult: 'It's Quite.
  3. Here are 10 rainy day crafts that we love! Umbrellas make an adorable craft! Here are some of my favorites. Looks Like Rain Craft from Cutting Tiny Bites. Umbrella Craft. Coffee Filter Umbrella Craft from B-Inspired Mama. 3D Umbrella Card from Crafty Morning. Rainy Day Collage from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Tissue Paper Umbrella from Mama's Little Muse

Rainy Day Crafts for All Ages Crafts for Small Children. As soon as a young child can sit up at the table or in the high chair, they're old enough to create some fun crafts and of course learn important skills. Younger children may not have a long attention span, so keep the craft activities short It's Raining, It's Pouring! 13 Rainy Day Crafts for Toddlers Nothing drives little ones more crazy than being cooped up in the house on rainy days. If they are not being entertained, kept busy or occupied, you could be in for a long day. Toddlers are little packages of energy, I honestly think they suck it out of us parents some days. Bella is on full speed from the time she wakes up, until. Rainy day crafts. Rainy days are always a fun time to dive into a rainy day arts and crafts to brighten up a dreary day or use the rain to create some truly fascinating projects!. Kids will love looking out the window as they may these craft foam window puzzles or make your own window sticker art. Bring the rain inside with this adorable umbrella rain craft, bubble wrap rain craft, or make. Pingback: Rainy Day Activities and Crafts for Kids - HEN Family. Claudine HAWKINS says: January 9, 2017 at 8:54 pm. I used your idea with my special ed children and it was a great experience for them to see that watercolors, water, and rainy day songs can CREATE a rainy day picture. Reply. Clarissa says: January 12, 2017 at 5:23 pm Just before the water reaches a boil, pour out the hot tap water from the teapot, add 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup being prepared (Assam was the chemists' favorite variety), add an extra.

Rainy day activities don't have to be inside, send the kids OUTSIDE with any of the play ideas in this collection of 20 fun things to do on a rainy day! This list of rainy day activities for kids is filled with fun things to do on a rainy day. While indoor rain activities are fantastic, so is playing in the rain outside 13 fun and easy rainy day crafts. When the kids are bored and the weather is frightful...break out the scissors, paper and glue. By Amy Valm April 1, 2016. Photo Gallery. 13 fun and easy rainy day crafts. 1 / 13 Photo: Roberto Caruso. Pipe cleaner crowns. Royal protocol dictates you should never have just one crown! Turn a hairband and some. Rainy Day Crafts. 12 ideias criativas de como fazer brinquedos para crianças | Como fazer em casa. Vamos te apresentar uma lista super divertida e recheada de brinquedos artesanais que estimulam a criatividade e ainda rendem boas horas de brincadeiras com os anjinhos. Veja as ideias criativas que trouxemos para você aprender como fazer. Products Rainy Day 2021-04-02T12:13:02-04:00. Products. Come and explore our wide range of quality products for all ages and levels. Have questions or need some guidance? Consignment Art and Crafts by Local Artisans. And so much more! Find us on Facebook. SUMMER HOURS Monday & Thurs. 10 to 6 Tuesday & Wed. 9 to 6 Friday 9 to 4.

Rainy Day Art Projects For Young People Apply for Free Membership. School teachers Vanessa Churco, Teri Grant, Melissa Hulsey, and Dawn Pontillas guide crafters through seventeen activities using ordinary art supplies. Have fun making a stained-glass candleholder, a milk carton mask, textured confetti art, a 3-D fireworks scene, yarn art. Rainy Day Paper Crafts. Rather than get the rainy day blues, get inspired with these paper crafts. Pop-Up Rain Clouds Smiling Cloud and Rainbow Craft Easy Paper Umbrellas It's Raining Glue Craft Umbrella Paper Craft . Cute Animal Paper Crafts. Adorable crafts inspired by our favorite animal friends We've shared our favorite 15-Minute Kids Craft that Anyone Can Make (perfect for children ages 3-10), and today we're sharing 40+ cool crafts for the older kids. These creative boredom busters are sure to appeal to your favorite tweens and teens, and with over 40 project ideas , there's enough here to keep them crafting all summer long

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A Rainy Day Project / Via arainydayproject.com. Organize your lists, post-its and receipts with a gilded note hanger. 19. Homemade Face Mask. Real Simple / Via realsimple.com Even when it's raining, kids can find plenty to do inside with these rainy day crafts for kids. Activities range from building a house out of cards to making a planter. These activities encourage creative expression. From interviewing senior citizens to revising a mystery story, rainy day crafts and activities for kids require imagination Rainy Day Crafts for Kids: Check out 20 fantastic ideas from around the web to forget about the rain and get excited about making the most of your afternoon!From crafts to science, there is always a way to make light of the thunderstorms and turn the weather into a reason to connect and create

Rainy Day Activities for Preschoolers. Let's start with a little rainy day art and craft activities: Raindrop Toilet Paper Tube Art (toilet paper tubes make great raindrop stamps!). Rainy Day Window Art (This will always be my favorite rainy day activity <3). Raindrop Sun Catcher (This is ridiculously beautiful!). Rain Cloud Sun Catcher (using an upcycled milk jug! These 8 fun rainy day kids crafts will have kids wanting rain! Have some quality time with the kids, it doesn't matter if you are crafty or not you will find something fun to make here. 8 Fun Rainy Day Crafts. 1. Chick & Bunny Cups. The perfect storage solution for pens and pencils. These chick & bunny cups are a great way to upcycle tin cans Rainy Day Crafts. Find plenty of indoor fun to keep the kids crafting all day long. Most Recent. 101211668. Fun Felt Crafts for Kids. Fun Felt Crafts for Kids. Let your little one practice their sewing skills with these easy felt projects they are sure to love! Read More. Robot Treasure Box Monsoon crafts#Monsooncrafts#DiyPrincessSupreme Rainy season activity for /rainy season craft /rainbow making activity , Rainy season activity for kids , rai..

Rainy Day Crafts for Kids. Spring means the blooming of flowers, return of birds chirping, but it also means rainy days. Here are 10 fun crafts to cure your rainy day blues! Some even use the rain to help make gorgeous art projects! 1. Rhythms of Play. Rainbow Rainy Day Art . 2 16 Rainy-Day Crafts And Activities For Kids - DealTown, US - Whether it's during quarantine or just a rainy day, here are some essential crafts, projects and toys that will keep kids occupied indoors Cactus Popsicle Stick Craft. Popsicle stick crafts are a great rainy day activity! These cactus popsicle stick crafts are fun for kids of all ages and are great to use in imaginative play once they are made. We use them in our Desert Sensory Bin. Find out how to make popsicle stick cactuses here Mar 16, 2019 - Happy Rainy Days!how to draw friends playing in the rain easy drawing for beginners. Paint with me! This Painting activity idea is also good for family art d.. Art projects and crafts are the perfect indoor toddler activity for yucky rainy days! There are countless projects you can to with you toddler and they will love the process and showing off the finished product! Here are a few ideas to get you started: 25 Rainbow Crafts and Activities. 21 Butterfly Crafts and Activities. 17 Space Crafts and.

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One of the best rainy day activities for adults is to slip into a soothing bath laced with your own moisturizing soap blend. In a clean container, mix together ½ cup mild liquid hand or body soap, 1 tablespoon sugar or honey, and 1 egg white. Pour the entire mixture under the running water as you draw your bath Raw Edge Applique Rainy Days Machine Embroidery Design Pattern 5x7 6x10 8x12 hoops by Titania Creations, Instant Download. TitaniaCreations1. 5 out of 5 stars. (541) $4.30. Favorite. Add to These fun kids' rainy day crafts will keep the occupied and flexing those creative muscles. Related Posts. Games and Crafts for Kids -- Boredom Busters for Summer! 40 Mother's Day Crafts Made with a Cricut Machine. Easy Valentine's Day Crafts Kids Crafts. About Angie.

Help kids beat the weather-induced boredom by having a few simple rainy day crafts and games at the ready, including toys, activities, and make-your-own candy. Start Slideshow. 1 of 10. Save Pin. More. Facebook Tweet. Email. Send Text Message. Supersize Your Coloring Cut and layer two 14-inch-long ribbons. Fold over the top and secure with a pin; add a second pin below it and one near the bottom. Trim the ribbon bottoms at the same angle, with the top layer slightly shorter. Secure the top ribbon to the bottom one by stitching large cross-stitches using embroidery floss. 12 of 33

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Spend the rainy day planning next summer's garden and creating these one-of-a-kind plant markers. These fun DIYs are very easy to assemble and you can decorate with rocks, glass beads, seashells—be creative! And these plant markers also make great gifts for friends and relatives, and they're inexpensive, so you can make dozens of them Kids Crafts St Patrick's Day Crafts Daycare Crafts Sunday School Crafts Summer Crafts Toddler Crafts Felt Crafts Easy Crafts Cute Art Projects Paper Plate Rainbow Craft I love lots of color and enjoy doing bright colorful crafts,like this Paper Plate Rainbow Craft, especially when I'm ready for winter to be over and spring to arrive And then keep playing until there is a winner. My kids love dance time and this game burns energy on rainy days! 12. Upcycled Crafts. If you want to make a craft, then you can try one of these upcycled crafts using materials from around the house. You can find instructions for the crafts here. 13. Rain Gauge. Measure the rain with a rain gauge Hello, everyone! Welcome to Rainy Day Crafts! My name is Angela and I have been blogging for about 15 years now! I love to crochet, knit, spin, weave and cook so you will see a little bit of everything here! I am a mom and I like to make things for my kids, my husband. Continue reading Rainy Day Crafts for Kids. Posted on April 2, 2021 by Nancy Mervau. 97 . 6 . 3 . How many times have you heard your children say I'm bored, what can I do? Sometimes it can be frustrating, because you probably didn't plan for a rainy day or for a pandemic

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Here, a list of 30 rainy day activities to keep small hands occupied. RELATED: 7 (Easy-ish) Sensory Activities to Do at Home with Your Kids. Twenty20 1. Make your own slime. It's easy, we promise. (And it's Borax-free.) 2. Camp in the great indoors. Set up a tent or make your own by draping sheets over the couch.. Boom. Three super fun activities to keep my kids active and entertained, even on a rainy day! 3 Super Simple Incredibly Fun Pool Noodle Activities for a Rainy Day. My kids loved each of these three simple activities. They were all easy to set up and provided the exact entertainment we needed on a rainy day These summer crafts for kids are easy enough for elementary schoolers to make, but still pretty enough for adults to leave on display all season long. Rainy day on your beach vacay? That calls. Superhero Crafts for Kids Whether you are looking for a rainy day craft at home or are planning the most epic Superhero Birthday Party there are over 25 superhero crafts to keep your super kids happy. Because my youngest is a big Batman fan this is not our first superhero craft. Cut out some oval head shapes from a flesh coloured piece of card

Rachel's Rainy Day Crafts. 128 likes · 4 talking about this. Everyone's been asking if I have a Facebook page to see the products I have been making...so here you go!!! So far I have made shirts,.. Rainy Day Crafts for Kids Keep kids busy and preserve your sanity. The new forecast? Fun ahead! By Jessica Hester. Ages. 3-13. Share this article Send. To. From. Subject. Message Dream Catchers. This craft is sure to capture your kids' imaginations! Glue one end of some thick yarn to the outside of an embroidery hoop 8 in diameter..

When we're stuck inside for rainy days, it's often during the school year, so I'm always looking for ways to entertain my toddler, Louis. I've put together a handy list of rainy day activities for toddlers to do. For both indoors and outdoors when its a nice rainy day. 18 Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Toddler 10 Art Projects for Kids with Sensory Issues - If an autistic child has issues with sensory processing and doesn't enjoy messes, plastic baggy painting might be a good alternative. 8 Art Ideas for Kids with Special Needs From an Art Therapist - Autistic children often enjoy the nonverbal process of expressing themselves through an art medium Make Crayola DIY crafts and art projects for kids and adults with videos and step-by-step instructions. Explore Create-It-Yourself (CIY) Crayola crafts and find holiday arts and crafts, plus craft ideas to make at home. Create something today Rainy Day Crafts create unique children's craft boxes, with everything provided to create your chosen design. Tender Leaf Toys create award winning and beautifully designed wooden toys and textile gifts in the UK. Adorable, practical & sustainable. Tikiri Natural Rubber Teethers are not only for soothing little gums they are also a rattle and. Rainy Day Art Projects. no ratings yet 95 Views Download This Collection. Showing 1 - 10 of 16. View All. Make Four Season Trees! This crafty activity provides a hands-on way for your child to illustrate how the trees look during each season of the year. Chromatography for Kids. Help your child explore chromatography, which is the process of.

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2 mats, one cord, one beach ball A great Rainy Day Activity! Establish teams of 10 -12 players, divided into 2 equal groups. Each group sits on a mat on either side of a string or cord which is strung out to form a net. Using a beach ball, players must stay on their buttsand play volleyball while seated Filed Under: Easy Kid Crafts, Rainy Day Kid Crafts, Summer Crafts. Washi Tape Lion Mane - Kid Craft Idea. June 16, 2020 by Stacey Gibbon Leave a Comment. Check out this ingenious idea! We are taking a few basic craft materials and making a bright, vibrant and colorful piece within minutes! Keep scrolling for our washi tape lion mane kid craft. Rainy Day Art 2 includes all of these exciting art projects! A-B-C Books. Burlap Wall Hangings. Clay Fish. African Wire Sculpture. Foil Repousse 50 Rainy Day Activities for Kids Arts and crafts. Collages: Give kids different kinds or colors of paper and let them make rainy day crafts. All you need is a variety of things they can glue on their papers in any way their imagination leads them. You can use buttons, stickers, googly eyes, glitter, scraps of torn or cut up paper, old puzzle.

Jan 7, 2014 - Explore Priyanka Priyadarshini's board rainy season craft on Pinterest. See more ideas about rainy day crafts, crafts, crafts for kids On a rainy day, take them out and let the children paint with the colored cubes. Or, sprinkle jello, Kool-aid or powered tempera paint on paper and let the children paint using clear ice cubes on a stick. EASEL RAINY DAY ACTIVITIES. Spray Painting. Materials to gather in advance in your Rainy Day Box: small, spray bottles, food coloring, pape When little kids are stuck inside on a rainy day, they can run, jump, climb, and even ride their tricycles indoors, if needed.Coming up with fun, non-sedentary, indoor activities for teens and tweens isn't as easy, as the activities that work well for little ones aren't a good fit for long-limbed adolescents.. You can still have a fun, even productive, rainy day at home

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Rainy Day Craft Ideas We Made On Vacation. Oriental Trading provided the crafts for our vacation so that I could share them with you. All opinions are completely my own. A few weeks ago my entire family ventured to the beach for our family vacation. We shared a house with my husband's entire family. To say my kids had fun was an understatement scissors. hole punch. glue. tape. Start by cutting your yarn into 1 or 2-foot sections and cut raindrop shapes from light blue pieces of construction paper. To create the clouds, separate cotton balls, and glue them into cloud shapes on a piece of construction paper. Roll the paper into a tube and secure it with tape Rainy Day Art provides hours of hands-on arts & crafts fun. No experience necessary! Each project is presented clearly and easily by veteran art teacher, Cherie Lynn. With over 20 years of teaching experience, she knows what projects kids will enjoy. Rainy Day Art includes both group and individual projects A rainy day or snow day can be fun, with these indoor activities for your toddler or school-aged child! These games, puzzles, and activities are perfect rainy-day distractions. Entertainment and Activities The Top 10 Rainy Day Activities for Kid Related Rainy Day crafts; A tissue paper umbrella. Rainy Day Crafts in the Classroom. Sometimes children spend recess indoors because of rain. So before it, even rains prepare some indoor activities that kids can do with little instruction. Some classrooms provide age-appropriate board games to play and books to read

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Here are 10 fun crafts and activities for kids ages 8-12 that are sure to delight! These projects can be a great way to connect with your kids, spend time together, and learn something new. Best of all, they don't cost a lot of money, and many of these make fantastic handmade gifts for family and friends! Art Projects to Foster Creativity: 1 Below, we've rounded up 50 indoor, boredom-busting games, crafts, and other things to do with kids to turn a rainy day into a memorable one. If you need more ideas, you'll find tons of indoor activities in our Stay-at-Home Guide. We've also got a toddler-friendly list of 30+ activities to keep little ones busy and happy at home. So, read on and.

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Cloud crafts can bring a smile, even if they are rain clouds. This rainy day craft might be just the thing that you need to take a blah day to wow. And all you need is some newspaper and string for these rainy day activities, even better. Save these rainy day activities for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest boar I've put together a list of ten crafts you can do on a rainy summer day! 10 Things To Do On A Rainy Summer Day! 1. Simple Leather Bracelets - Little girls and boys will both love this craft. It will require a little parent help to set-up. However, once set-up you can let your kids go at this craft alone. Encourage them to get creative

20 Fun Rainy Day Crafts - Encouraged for you to my personal website, on this occasion I am going to demonstrate concerning fun rainy day crafts.And after this, this can be the first image: So, if you'd like to acquire the incredible pics related to (20 Fun Rainy Day Crafts), press save link to store the pictures for your computer Rainy Day Crafts. On July 1, 2016 By OttoUpNorth. Today we are holed up in the cabin for a bit, making harnesses for the team. It's a fairly tedious process and it helps if you're good with geometry or sowing. As of right now I've been designated to cutting out the foam after it's been marked Glue. 3 Page Printable Template ($1.50- thanks for the support!) Cut out the duck's head, wing, shoes, umbrella, body and beak. Next time for the body I would add more to the area where the head needs to be glued! Cut tissue paper into little squares and have the kids glue them on the white umbrella top. Glue all the pieces together and the. Rainy day crafts can give every family the opportunity to have some fun together, enjoy each other's company, and talk to each other about a specific event, or school, or friends. Next time it rains, don't tell it to go away but rather stay for just a day or perhaps a while longer

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This list includes activities that are suitable for kids of all ages and range from arts and crafts, visiting museums, gaming, and shopping. Bring out the umbrellas and the rain boats, and enjoy these 20 fun, rainy day activities for kids in NYC. Virtual Rainy Day Activities for Kids in NYC Photo by Julia M Cameron. CAM Rainy Day Crafts | Easy Pineapple Decoupage Painted Rocks. Hey friends! Over the summer, I published my third craft book, Rock Painting for Beginners. It's a craft I really got into while most of my craft supplies were packed away - it's an inexpensive craft that made me feel happy, and hiding painted rocks is a fun way to spread joy to. 5 Create a sunny day picture. Make a sun and some clouds on the top half section of the light blue circle. Add fun details like birds, a kite, or an airplane. For added texture, you can cut out your sun from paper or craft foam and glue them onto the picture. Glue some cotton to make the clouds 8. Bubble Party in the Sink. Great for sensory play, this simple bubble activity is great for preschool aged children on a rainy afternoon. Create a bubble party right in your bathroom sink by using a drinking straw to blow bubbles in a sink filled with soapy water. The concept is simple, but bubbles can be so magical