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Find a dealer now. Performance, Innovation & Adventure. A leader in motorsports for more than 50 years 1992 harris yamaha yzr500 v4 screamer ex mbm team rider kevin mitchell , restored in 2008 by nigel everitt , owc1 alloy crank-case screamer engine , many new parts fitted pace radiator, new marchensini 5 spoke magnesium wheels , new 320 mm ap steel disc,s new zo1 pads , ap twin chamber front master cylinder , new ap thumb brake , new ap twin.

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Yamaha : Other 1985 yamaha rz 500 rz 500 two storke. Very rare Yamaha 500 which was brought to the states in 1986 and been in same owner collection 29 years. Bike has been sitting some time, Bodywork is in Excellent shape with the excepetion of the upper where the mirrors connect to the fairing mount. Unfortunately a board fell on the it years. Fastline Superbikes would like to offer this Yamaha YZR500 ROC, 1993 model, ridden in world G.P. by Bernard Garcia. Fantastic 500cc V4 2 stroke with 170bhp and weighing only 160kg. These bikes were built under license to boost the grids an the world Grand Prix stage in the early 1990s

Smokes-Branded Smoker:1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale. A wild race-replica from the era of two-stroke Moto GP machines, Yamaha's RZ500/RD500LC was a direct competitor to Suzuki's RG500 Gamma. Never officially imported to the US because of emissions laws, many have found their way south across the Canadian border Powered by a tuned 500cc V4 two-stroke engine and suspended by Yamaha R6 bits, with an authentic replica frame and bodywork, this might be the closest you'll ever get to riding an actual GP machine. From the original eBay listing:Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica. A replica of the legendary Yamaha YZR500 from year 2000

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Sorted: 1986 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale At the time, they were light and very powerful, but weren't exactly at Grand Prix extremes of either even then. Modern machines have levels of rigidity, suspension response, and electronic assistance an old smoker like this Yamaha RZ500 could only dream of, back in the hazy 1980s The 50-degree V4 twin crankshaft two-stroke engine was seriously trick in its day but also overly complicated. The GP YZR500 featured rotary disc induction like the successful RG500 Suzuki. Yamaha chose to go with reed valve induction and a YPVS powervalve system to broaden the powerband of the RZ500 ROC Yamaha YZR 500, zu verkaufen - For Sale - Top-Zustand - Perfect Condition - Rarität - Rarity. ROC Yamaha YZR 500 Grand Prix 1992!!! For sale !!! price: on request (only serious enquiries please) Contact: YZR500@gmx.de. Engine: Liquid-cooled 499cc 80 degree two-stroke V4, Crankcase reed-valve induction, YPVS powervalve exhaust system, bore. 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay. The seller of today's bike has quite a bit to say, and I will let him pick up the tale from here: From the seller: Yamaha Other. 1985 Yamaha RZ500 2 stroke. Low miles. Speedo is in KM and bike has 5300 miles

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These first Yamaha brand cycles sold in America were the YD1 and the MF-1. Yamaha motorcycles are now renowned for their motocross bikes. The first of these was produced in 1975. In 1977, Yamaha Corporation, U.S.A. was founded exclusively for the sale of Yamaha motorized products and to meet the needs of an American market The 50-degree V4 twin crankshaft two-stroke engine was seriously trick in its day but also overly complicated. The GP YZR500 featured rotary disc induction like the successful RG500 Suzuki but Yamaha chose to go with reed valve induction and a YPVS power-valve system to broaden the powerband of the RZ500 The bike for sale here is a Canadian model (as are most two-strokes seen in the states) and appears to be all original except for the canisters. The seller mentions some slight cracking on parts of the fairing, but states that the bike runs as smoothly as it should. From the seller: Rare Yamaha RZ500 2 stroke 4 cylinder For the 1996 season, Yamaha introduced a new engine for their OWJ1-spec YZR500, opting for a 54mm x 54mm bore & stroke, over the previous 56mm x 50.6mm, as this allowed for a better top speed and.

1993 Yamaha YZR500 ROC Grand Prix 2 Stroke Sports For Sale. Fastline Superbikes would like to offer this Yamaha YZR500 ROC, 1993 model, ridden in world G. P. by Bernard Garcia. Fantastic 500cc V4 2 stroke with 170bhp and weighing only 160kg. These bikes were built under license to boost the grids an the world Grand Prix stage in the early 1990s 1992 Honda NSR500 V twin. 2006 TT isle of Man winning ex John McGuiness R1 1000cc Yamaha sold 2013. 1992 ROC V4 Yamaha 500cc 4 Cylinder 2 stroke sold 2013. 1992 ROC V4 Yamaha 500cc 4 Cylinder 2 stroke. 2004 Ex World Superbike Team France R1 Yamaha. 1977 Antong Mang suzuki RG500 MK2 sold 2012 track day on my 1984 yamaha Rzv500r v4 stroke top speed on 220 kph back straight tried my best with microphone in my helmet but it was real windy ,lit..

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  1. Here's one of the ROC-framed YZRs, which was campaigned by Bernard Garcia. Per the seller, the 500cc V4 2-stroke motor in this MotoGP competitor puts out 170 horsepower - the bike weighs just 350 pounds! They state that the Yamaha-licensed bikes utilized 1991 motors in frames between 1992 to 1995, at a cost of 92,000 pounds at the time
  2. The Yamaha YZR500 became the bike to beat in the skilled hands of great American flat-tracker-turned-GP-racer King Kenny Roberts. Honda, meanwhile, stuck to its guns as a four-stroke company, which they had huge success with in the 125cc and 250cc classes in the 1960s
  3. The Ronax 500, driven by Ron Schönfelder #6, reached a great second place at the overall ranking during the season finals of the IG Königsklasse at Oschersleben. Only the 4-time german champion and 500 WC starter Niggi Schmassmann #15 at his HARRIS- Yamaha YZR500 V4 was fast this weeking. To the clip 14.07.201
  4. It is a YZR500 replica using a TZR250-3MA frame, TZR250-3XV swinging arm, and an RD500 motor. Reportedly, about 12 of these were built, and judging by this one, I doubt any of them see any serious tarmac time. More likely, they'll be sitting in people's living rooms or other coveted, dry locations
  5. Search Bikes From Manufacturer DUCATI. All Makes 2013 HARLEY DAVIDSON FLHX STREET GLIDE Agusta Brutale American Ironhorse Slammer Brembo Carbon ceramic rotor Harley Davidson Honda 250 cc 6, Guzzi V 8, Norton, BMW HONDA RS 125 GP Kawasaki ZXR750 Superbike Moto Guzzi V7 Sport Racer WTS: 2014 Yamaha Yzf-R6 / R1 , 2014 Suzuki GSX1300R - HAYABUSA.
  6. Yamaha TZ Buy & Sell/Events/Info. April 19, 2020 ·. Back to better times when events weren't cancelled. Here's a clip from the Manx Grand Prix 2017. On-Board lap on a OW31 TZ750. God the noise is amazing. Bring back the 2 strokes
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A replica of Kenny Roberts' Grand Prix YZR500 for the road, and an instant classic at that. Effectively it used two complete RD250LC engines mounted together with two geared crankshafts plus a clever balancer shaft to reduce vibration. The 50-degree V4 produced 64bhp at 9,500 revs making the most glorious noise in the process The RZV500R before you. however. has been uncorked through correct jetting and by using larger (header) diameter Yamaha 47X (UK RD500LC) exhaust pipes. This bike is a blast to ride. A firm kick and the mighty reed valve. GP-derived. twin crankshaft V4 fires instantly and settles into an idle that I can only describe as a queuing army of hornets YAMAHA RD 500 V4 ( 1985 ) The legendary V4 500 2-Stroke GP Race Replica from Yamaha, the Yamaha RD/RZ 500. We've always dreamed about the 4 cylinder 500cc Grand Prix bikes, and having the opportunity to acquire and ride a replica made for Road/Street use was a tremendous experience. So, in 2005 we've bought this precious bike and tuned it with.

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Skip forward to 1984, and Yamaha brought the dream one step closer to reality when they introduced the 500cc V-Four RZ500. Inspired by the YZR500 factory racer ridden by Roberts during the 1983 GP season, the twin-crank V4 was the closest thing to a Gran Prix bike (with lights) that you could get your hands on Yamaha YZR500 Race Replica. This stunning Yamaha YZR500 Replica was built in a shed in Essex and has been used for road riding, track days and even drag racing since owner Mark Dunne got it finished. The beating heart of the bike originally came from a Yamaha RD500LC

You're looking at a V4-cylinder 2-stroke 499cc beast, apparently created as a streetable replica of Kenny Roberts' YZR500 GP machine. The road bike was lighter than the race machine, but Yamaha. YAMAHA RZV500R SPECIFICATION. It adopted a 2-stroke water-cooled V4 engine on an aluminum frame. It became the center of attention for being the replica model of the YZR500, the WGP racer model. Its export version was named RD500LC. Displacement Wayne Rainey 1990 Marlboro Yamaha YZR500 Specifications. ENGINE 1985 Yamaha RZ500 V4 two-stroke, bore and stroke 56.65mm x 50.0mm, compression ratio 6.6:1, RZ Performance crankshafts and conrods, vapour blasted stock crankcases converted to water-cooled cases,. People were in love with the 2 stroke V4 and Yamaha really hit the nail on the head with this motorcycle. 2 strokes don't get much better than this, and our example offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to own what must be, in our opinion, the best example of this 80's dream bike for sale in the world

At the heart of the matter was a twin-crank 50-degree V4 with Yamaha's YPVS exhaust power valves, which was strictly speaking not a V4 at all, but a pair of 180-degree parallel twins splayed 90-degrees and gear-coupled together. The close-ratio, six-speed cassette-style gearbox was designed for quick removal to change ratios The RD's V4 motor turned out to bear little resemblance to the racer, but there was some clever thinking none the less. Kenny's bike was a true single-crank V4, where the RD500 was essentially a pair of 250cc twin-cylinder engines, each with its own crankshaft, linked by a central mainshaft. Yamaha's YPVS powervalve system added low-rev. 1985 Yamaha RZV500R. Manufactured during the reign of Eddie Lawson at the pinnacle of Moto GP racing, this 2-stoke 500cc sport bike duplicates the configuration of the dominating YZR500 Marlboro Yamaha and was built to celebrate Yamaha's capturing the 1984 World Championship. This is the Japanese home market version of the motorcycle which. From 1986 to 1993, the battle for the 500cc world championship was a three-corner fight among Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. But it was Honda and Yamaha who scored eight championships between them, with Wayne Rainey winning three-in-a-row on the YZR500 from 1990 to 1992. Schwantz vs Rainey - Courtesy of drivetribe.com

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Yamaha YZ634A. Successor. Yamaha YZR-M1. Engine. 500 cc two-stroke. The YZR500 was the Yamaha Motor Corporation 's entry for 500cc Grand Prix motorcycle racing between the years of 1973 and 2002. the 1989 version of bike ridden by American Wayne Rainey 109 / 110. Giacomo Agostini's Yamaha YZR500 OW23. Yamaha. 110 / 110. Yamaha is the only Japanese factory to produce a 2015 two-stroke motocross YZ250. Yamaha. View gallery - 110 images. During. Yamaha RD500. £11, 995. Basic Information: RD500LC. 120 miles. Red, White and Black. First registered 30/ 05/ 1985. Technical Specification from build 120 miles ago: 500cc V4 2-stroke engine 88bhp

Author: Frank Melling Posted: 05 Sep 2014 . Last week Bruce Anstey raced an ex-factory Yamaha YZR500 Grand Prix bike around the 37.73 Isle of Man mountain course to take victory in the Motorsport Merchandise Formula 1 Classic TT from Michael Dunlop on an old four stroke XR69 Team Classic Suzuki Yamaha YZR500 (OW98 / OWA8) Lucky Strike 1988/89 Decal for 1/12 Model Kit 1857. $19.99 + $23.00 shipping + $23.00 shipping + $23.00 shipping. The 2-stroke V4 engine, which shows a unique layout, has a high-density finish with each ignition cord wired with a vinyl pipe. The mechanism such as the frame and suspension has also been accurately.

Used, Yamaha RD500, YZR500 Replica parts, RD500 En All the rare, yamaha engine cover right hand side genuine very rare discontinued from yamaha. yamaha engine cover left hand side genuine very rare discontinued from yamaha. yamaha 2 stroke engine, same as in the yamaha pro jet ski so loads of parts about Yamaha YZR500 This superb machine has been fully restored and has the Rossi Yamaha America colours, 1995 Harris Yamaha V4 this superb V4 Harris Yamaha Big bang motor ex Shaun Emmet Machine sold 2007. RG500 MK6 this bike was fully restored and is now back for sale, it has also since been ridden by John Reynolds a Cadwell Park on a demo.

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The obvious color for an 'official' Yamaha custom with a strong performance slant would be yellow. But Vom Brauck has chosen a shade closer to that used on the Yamaha racebikes of the mid-80s, notably Eddie Lawson's Marlboro-Yamaha YZR500. There are no 'Speed Block' graphics, but Infrared still screams Speed. Would Ekuan-san approve Harris Yamaha YZR500 V4. Harris Yamaha. Harris 500. Harris Yamaha 500cc V4. Harris Yamaha v4 500cc. 1969 Yamaha TR2 350 the First 350cc racing motorcycle produced by Yamaha for sale. 1965 Yamaha TD1A 250 Yamaha s first racing motorcycle sold to the budding racer in the Uk,.

Rear suspension - (from 1975) Yamaha monoshock, cantilever swingarm. Front forks & Wheelbase - Varied according to team spec. Brakes - Twin 300mm front discs, single 220mm rear. Estimated Top speed - 180mph (depending on gear ratios) And now coming into the YZR500 which iswhat to say a monster that would eat the TZ750 for breakfast. Just. The Yamaha RD500LC is a high-performance, two-stroke sports motorcycle, also known as the RZ500 in Canada and Australia. A lightened but detuned version known as the RZV500R was developed for the Japanese home market. Strict United States Environmental Protection Agency regulations meant that the RZ500 was not available for sale in that country Checking progress and dimensions. The engine will be a 1000cc V-Twin using the top ends from two Honda CR500s. The bottom end isn't cast like Aniket's Musket, instead, he's using blocks of aluminum, a rather substantial milling machine, careful design and lots of patient work. Trial fit and dimension check. We'll check back to see how.


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1985 Yamaha RZV500R 1985 Yamaha RZV500R Built as a tribute to the World Championship-winning 0W61 YZR500 works bike that Kenny Roberts rode, the Yamaha RZV500R was the first production bike in the world with a 2-stroke V4 engine Ai257 onyx motor bikes yamaha yzr 500 team roberts luca cadalora #2 m017 1/24. $41.37. $23.65 shipping. NORIFUMI NORICK ABE YAMAHA YZR500 1998 with Helmet 1:24 2 Wheels Vitesse. $27.68. Onyx XM026 Honda NSR V4 TEAM HONDA PONS 1996 #24 Carlos Checa LTD ED 1/24. $26.31. $27.69 shipping. or Best Offer. Moto gp onyx 1/24 yamaha yzr team. When Eddie Lawson left Yamaha after six years and three 500 GP titles to join the Rothmans Honda team for the 1989 season, many people felt it was a mistake. He exchanged the sweet-handling YZR500. Replica Yamaha YZR500 Parts. RD500 Engine, TZR250 . Replica yamaha yzr500 parts. rd500 engine, tzr250. For sale: this classic carlton courette bicycle frameset, aka mixte frame, ladies frame, lady's frame, step-through frame. description::: a used frame boardman pro full suspension frame some chips on the frame - see pictures frame is approx. we offer six types of posters: a4 no frame, a3 no. A ROC Yamaha YZR500 was sold in a Bonham's auction in April and it represents one of the few chances that mere mortals can sample what it is like to be a GP God from the golden era of racing. While the chassis is a French ROC design, the engine is a full-factory (ok, privateer spec) YZR 500cc V4 two-stroke - one of the last truly terrifying.

PB March Yamaha YZR500 V2. download Report . Comments . Transcription . PB March Yamaha YZR500 V2. The Yamaha RZ500N is a version of the iconic 2-stroke Yamaha RD500LC sport motorbike, which was designed for the markets of Australia and Canada. This motorcycle is a road variant of the 500 cc Yamaha YZR500 racing prototype, in which the legendary Kenny Roberts raced in the most prestigious class in the world championship motorcycle racing Yamaha YZR500. The RD500LC (Race Developed 500CC Liquid Cooled motorcycle) uses a 50-degree, twin- crankshaft V4 engine layout. Linked Yamaha YPVS exhaust power valves are controlled by a single electronic unit and servo motor and are designed to give a broader power band. The engine also features intake reed valves unlike the YZR500 racer. Yamaha YZR500 Niall Mackenzie tribute. Ducati Panigale V4 S. Paton SR-1 Lightweight. Ducati V4 race wisdom. Yamaha MT-09SP YAMAHA YZR500 1999 Fairing This is a replica fairing of the 1999 YZR500. It is slightly modified to fit famous Micoproducts RD500/YZR500 aluminum frames with RD/RZ500 engine.These modifications were done to the airducts (to provide enough space for the RD500 carbs and airfilters) and the bellypan has been widened slightly at the rear only

GP legends race again. Wayne Gardner, Freddie Spencer and Kevin Schwantz took a win-a-piece at this weekend's inaugural World GP Bike Legends at Jerez. Riding 1970s, 80s and 90s factory 500cc V4. 1995 Yamaha YZR500 Yamaha YZR500 (1995) Frame No: Harris HPY-012 Engine No: YZR500E9227 Purchased in 2007. A Harris Yamaha that competed in the 1995 500GP Championship, finishing 13th overall having been ridden by Sean Emmett. Brand new paintwork in Marlboro Yamaha 'Cadalora' colours The Honda NSR500 is a road racing motorcycle created by HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) and debuted in 1984 for the Grand Prix motorcycle racing's 500 cc class.. Honda won ten 500cc World Championships with the NSR500 from 1984 to 2002, with six in a row from 1994 to 1999. With more than 100 wins to its credit. The NSR500 is the most dominant force in modern Grand Prix motorcycle racing

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The 1968 Yamaha RD05A is regarded as the strongest of the two-stroke, water-cooled V4 that raced in the 1960s. In order to compete with Honda's new six-cylinder bikes, the RD05 was developed as a replacement to Yamaha's RD56, which was a strong-enough machine, but one that had reached its competitive limitations by the time the Hondas appeared

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Post Listing Update: This OWO1 was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. The Yamaha FZR750R OWO1 made even the Honda RC30 look pedestrian. With only 500 built, it was more exclusive than the RC30, and it was five grand more expensive, too. This was a homologation special created so that Yamaha could rac Turner Yeoman of England tractor with V4 engine. The V4 format was used in the Turner Manufacturing Co. built Yeoman of England tractor which used a Turner V4 engine.. Other uses. Another use of the V4 engine is in outboard motors.They are two-stroke cycle and generally carbureted.Some of the largest manufacturers are Johnson, Evinrude and Yamaha.This type of engine is popular because of its.

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Streetfighter V4 S is priced at INR 22.99 Lacs for Ducati Red and INR 23.19 Lacs for Dark Stealth color. Bookings are now open across all Ducati dealerships in Delhi - NCR, Mumbai, Pune. Kawasaki SBK. These sticker kits faithfully reproduce graphic design of racing motorcycles in the most prestigious international contests. These MotoGP decal sticker kits are a reproduction of race motorcycle decals and they are not original. MotoGP stickers are made of APA vinyl with top quality colours. They are very thin and perfectly adhesive Yamaha. Hoon. --Debuted at the 1983 Tokyo Motor Show. --A plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the RZV500R, which has attracted much attention as a motorcycle with the same mechanism as Yamaha's GP racer YZR500, which is a water-cooled 2-cycle V4 500cc engine. -Large fairings and tanks full of racing mood, and the delicate lines of the. Yamaha YZR 500 V4, Yamaha TZ 250/350, Yamaha RD 250/350LC two stroke race engines to mention but a few. With our partners D&M Engineering can also offer a bespoke exhaust service thanks to NRP Exhausts. D&M Engineering can also offer a full Dyno facility thanks to TorqueTune Dyno Centre Yamaha RD500. Saved by Andrew Williams. 4. Baggers Cafe Racer Moto Cafe Racers Motorcycle Design Motorcycle Bike Racing Motorcycles Custom Motorcycles Bobber Motorbike Clothing

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The Yamaha RD500LC is a high-performance, two-stroke sports motorcycle, also known as the RZ500 in Canada and Australia. A lightened but detuned version known as the RZV500R was developed for the Japanese home market. Strict United States Environmental Protection Agency regulations meant that the RZ500 was not available for sale in that country. Produced for a short period between 1984 and. Find awesome deals, review prices and inventory. Request a quote today ROC Yamaha YZR 500, zu verkaufen - For Sale - Top-Zustand - Perfect Condition - Rarität - Rarity. ROC Yamaha YZR 500 Grand Prix 1992!!! Zu verkaufen !!! Preis: gegen Gebot (bitte nur ernsthafte Angebote) Kontakt: YZR500@gmx.de. Motor This beautiful piece of rolling art will benefit from a full service and MOT prior to sale. This iconic 2-stroke, was at the forefront in the 1980's as one of the must have GP replica bikes. Yamaha looked at the success of the YZR500 and realised that a road-going version of this would sell well